One Who In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For One Who | One Who Sentence

  • One who has heard it before.
  • This was one who was all of that one.
  • It is the one who keeps at it.
  • But there was one who did not think so.
  • There is one who will miss me.
  • Jane was the one who received them.
  • He was the one who had not all of that sun.
  • You were the only one who understood me.
  • I am the only one who can save you.
  • Walking with the one who bought me.
  • George was the only one who opposed her.
  • Some one who knew him!
  • Jearje was the one who restored it.
  • It is the one who injures.
  • You are the only one who pleases me.
  • He is one who is one.
  • One who understands our silence.
  • Tippoo is the only one who knows.
  • One who pretends to be dumb.
  • But she was the only one who played.
  • Where is one who is imperfect?
  • She was not the one who did come to have what she had.
  • I was the one who denounced him.
  • She is the one who is everything.
  • He was as one who sleeps.
  • Hank was the one who found it.
  • Blanc is one who does not question this.
  • The confession of the one who did.
  • Give that to some one who cares for it.
  • One who manufakters appetights.
  • One who knows does not talk.
  • And you are the one who should do the most swearing.
  • The one who is one is there when she is there.
  • She is the one who is exciting.
  • He had spoken to her as to one who was very dear to him.

How To Use One Who In A Sentence?

  • No one who is himself honest will doubt my being so.
  • As one who mourns the dead.
  • Adair was as one who has seen a vision.
  • No one who saw her but acknowledged it.
  • You will look for one who is lost.
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