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  • The Oneida was a strong youth, but he wrestled in vain.
  • Menard was watching the Oneida with eyes that fairly snapped.
  • The Oneida village lay under the grey haze of a chill September night.
  • In this stage, we passed through the Oneida Indian village....
  • Westward from Albany a coach ran to Whitestone, Oneida County.
  • Noyes at the Oneida Community, in central New York, from 1868 to 1879.
  • From Lake Oneida it was clear sailing down the Oswego River to Lake Ontario.
  • And he's apt to make pretty good time down Oneida Street on the way back.

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  • Failing in this, he wrote to the Oneida chiefs, urging them to remain loyal to the king.
  • It lay on the traffic-road to Oneida Lake, and was considered a strong point of vantage.
  • The books say that the Oneida Community was established there in 1847, when I was nine.
  • He walked straight down Oneida Street and along the Main Street just as hard as he could go.
  • This wonderful man was born at Verona, Oneida County, New York, over sixty years ago.
  • Dr. Andrew is a practitioner of medicine in Remsen, Oneida county, State of New York.
  • Distinguished guests from Oneida and Onondaga have placed themselves in separate groups, according to custom.
  • There he built a comfortable house, wedded the daughter of an Oneida chieftain, and dwelt for some years in peace and quiet.
  • He said that he intended to go on to Oneida and to pass through all the Iroquois nations, preaching the faith.
  • Hot Ashes was chief or captain of his village in the Oneida country, and was held in high esteem by his tribesmen.
  • On the way the party passed through the Oneida and Tuscarora towns, where every mark of hospitality and friendship was shown the party.
  • Once, for some reason of his own, and when he had got some money in an unexpected way, Rucker took my mother and me to Oneida for an outing.
  • In the Oneida village, the fields are free from stumps, the first to be met that are so from Utica to this place....
  • She had been united to an Oneida brave after the Iroquois fashion, but unlike Ganneaktena, she did not succeed in converting her husband.
  • All his own people who were in the vicinity, and many even from the distant Oneida country, assembled at the Praying Castle for the occasion.

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