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  • I had taken care to ascertain that no onlooker was near.
  • To the onlooker it would appear that the traveler was meditating.
  • To an onlooker her manner might have seemed suspiciously tranquil.
  • To an onlooker it certainly didn't seem so simple.
  • The common feeling was summed up by an onlooker who spoke without prejudice.

How To Use Onlooker In A Sentence?

  • His anger rose from a cause perhaps more explicable to an onlooker than to himself.
  • After the cry there was a strange subsidence which made the onlooker rub his eyes.
  • As for the girl, the sight of that onlooker seemed to fill her with a new terror.
  • He was now frankly but an onlooker in life, and he gazed at big things from their far rim.
  • Then, and not till then, the onlooker left the embrasure in the wall where he had been hidden.
  • To an impartial onlooker the attitude of the two great peoples toward each other was an interesting study.
  • The cold onlooker wonders that he can call that unclassic combination of features and that awkward form beautiful.
  • They faced each other with eyes either angry or full of a tumultuous passion an onlooker would have been puzzled to name.
  • The man roved in war or on the hunting ground, and while at home was an impassive onlooker of her labors.
  • An onlooker declared that above storm and battle a yell of mortal agony rose which rang in his ears for weeks.
  • It was most apparent to an onlooker that this was a good opportunity for an introduction, but the two young people were entirely oblivious.
  • It was a fascinating scene, full of dread, and gave more than one onlooker a chill down his backbone.
  • By the swing of his stride any onlooker would have believed that Cutty was in a hurry to arrive somewhere.
  • She revealed such a quiet satisfaction in her nudity that her chemise, when it fell to her feet, made the onlooker think of a white peacock.
  • It was one thing to be a passive onlooker of a battle, another to be a participant in a plot for the ruin of Leonidas.
  • Many an onlooker remembered this sight of her, the deep spiritual eyes, the symmetry of form and fold, the perfect carriage.
  • What became of his shirt-sleeved arm, or what, in fact, thereafter became of the rest of both of them, no mere onlooker could ever know.
  • It is when the spirit in the onlooker responds to the spirit entangled in the magical lines and tones and colours of the painting, that its indefinable beauty dawns upon him.
  • The aim that appears honourable and heroic to one onlooker appears quite the opposite to another, and so the test resolves itself into a matter of personal partisanship.
  • There was a silence, in which everybody seemed to be trying to piece the evidence together as to the mysterious onlooker of the night, and make a collected whole of it.
  • They bit and scratched and clawed like two little devils, and the onlooker in the bushes must have felt a thrill of pride over the strenuous way in which they strove for her favors.
  • The onlooker will probably be his wife, and the tone employed will probably imply that she is somehow mysteriously to blame for the fact that his earthly days are not one unbroken series of joyous diversions.
  • When a starfish lies on the ground at the bottom of a sloping rock it has to climb, it seems to the onlooker as though there were nothing which could stir the inert mass and no means for taking it to the top.
  • He was dealing with him almost as he chose, and the onlooker knew that it could only be moments before the other finally "squealed," and dropped the murderous weapon from his hand.
  • It never occurred to Truedale that this indifferent onlooker could be interested in him, but he might be utilized in the emergency, so he saluted cordially.

Definition of Onlooker

A spectator; someone looks on or watches, without becoming involved or participating.
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