Only A In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Only A | Only A Sentence

  • There were only a few.
  • But these are only a few.
  • Twill be only a shilling.
  • It was only a screen.
  • But only a little while!
  • It was only a few feet down.
  • This was only a ruse.
  • That is only a detail.
  • There are only a few of us.
  • Only a few minutes more.
  • There is only a wall between.
  • It is only a postponement.
  • Only a few feet more.
  • I am only a burden to you.
  • I am only a servant.
  • But it is only a setting.
  • Even if it is only a whip.
  • She was only a freshman.
  • But this is only a theory.
  • But it was only a show.
  • I am only a soldier.
  • Had he after all been only a coward?
  • But that is only a detail.
  • But this was only a beginning.
  • Only a few words more.
  • And only a few minutes.
  • Simmer only a few minutes.
  • They were only a few paces off.
  • He is only a servant.
  • Only a moment and then all was by.
  • He was only a kid then.
  • That was only a beginning.
  • Yet it is only a fiction after all.
  • You are only a child.
  • But it is only a few voices.

How To Use Only A In A Sentence?

  • Only a few know of it.
  • I have only a few clothes.
  • And only a few drawbacks to these.
  • You are only a woman.
  • Those are only a few examples.
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