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  • Towards all this we have only about seven pounds.
  • He is only about a mile from the rapids.
  • I was only about twelve at the time.
  • Winter lingered only about their own village.
  • Only about twenty were left.
  • It is only about a fourth of a vibration.
  • It is only about 6 mm.
  • It is the books and the books only about which he cares.
  • There need be only about two tablespoons.
  • That would be only about six miles.
  • In each case it is only about three inches.
  • There were only about twenty persons in the flock.
  • It was only about two feet square.
  • They are only about two miles apart.
  • The height is only about 200 ft.
  • Only about five per cent.
  • I thought only about making my escape.
  • There were only about four thousand men a side.
  • Walk once, but of course she was only about twelve then.
  • Only about seven octaves are used in music.
  • It has been estimated that only about five per cent.
  • This section is only about five feet long.
  • Their acquaintance had started only about ten days before.
  • Only about 2.7 per cent.
  • Only about four inches divides the nets.
  • Of the old monuments only about eighteen are left.
  • This was only about twenty-five years ago.
  • It was situated only about half an hour from the capital.
  • She was only about nine years old at that time.
  • It is only about 4 or 5 hours by train.
  • They are poor, and only about 200.
  • We had only about four dollars cash left.
  • The enemy had fired off only about six shots.
  • The enemy had fired off only about six shots.
  • Of these only about fifty millions are dry land.

How To Use Only About In A Sentence?

  • We have only about twenty or thirty balls left.
  • The paper covers only about the first half of the course.
  • According to a recent census only about fifty per cent.
  • The sidewalk is only about thirty-six feet long.
  • The tank is only about two-thirds filled by the charge.
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