Only Had In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Only Had | Only Had Sentence

  • I have only had my soup.
  • If it only had happened so!
  • If he only had her picture!
  • I have only had glimpses of.
  • One only had succeeded in escaping.
  • If he only had a fighting chance.
  • Hitherto she had only had eyes for her companion.
  • If we only had more women like that!
  • To that only had he made up his mind.
  • You only had to get to know them.
  • Once only had he interrupted the reader.
  • He only had to wait under his shelter.
  • Now if one only had food!
  • If he only had something to eat!
  • A few shots only had been fired at the foragers.
  • We have only had one bad storm.
  • If he only had some one with whom he could talk.
  • They only had four or five minutes.
  • I only had to drive when the family went out.
  • On one point only had he been mistaken.
  • The stomach only had a little warmth.
  • They only had the one weapon left between them.
  • Once only had the ice been slightly broken.
  • He had hitherto only had to allow himself to live.
  • Possibly, if people only had one.
  • One of the hounds only had ever seen game of this kind.
  • Ah, if they only had started that day and risked all!
  • If you only had told me how you felt, dearest.
  • They've only had a year's training.
  • If we only had a machine gun, we could wipe them out!
  • If I only had him here!
  • One man only had water, heaps of water.
  • Geological questions, only, had weight.
  • We only had real news, drawn from the wilderness.
  • No, he was green jade all over and only had this one eye.

How To Use Only Had In A Sentence?

  • So I only had to begin.
  • If I only had a certificate!
  • If I had only had a daughter!
  • If I only had gone with her!
  • If I only had a place to go to.
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