Only Two In A Sentence

How To Use Only Two In A Sentence?

  • There are only two piles left.
  • Only two miles more to the quarry!
  • There were only two pieces in this suit.
  • There were only two warriors in each canoe.
  • Only two or three people do.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Only Two | Only Two Sentence

  • There were only two of them.
  • Are you the only two here?
  • And there are only two of us.
  • Aged only two months.
  • There are evidently only two of them in it.
  • And only two days more!
  • There are only two of us.
  • Only two were required.
  • Married only two years!
  • Bathroom only two doors down.
  • We were the only two who were let off.
  • Only two men floated.
  • Only two customers were visible.
  • There were only two who could not forget her.
  • Only two things are to be noted.
  • There were only two small windows.
  • It was noticeable that there were only two tumblers.
  • Only two of these vases remain.
  • Bodi at a distance of only two fathoms from it.
  • We had only two launches and a gig.
  • It is only two years more which we have to wait.
  • There are only two more married people.
  • There are only two explanations possible.
  • To me there are only two kinds of horse.
  • I know only two impressions of it.
  • There are only two fine buildings.
  • The guests were only two in number.
  • There were only two automobiles in the garage.
  • Only two music scholars!
  • Particularly as only two of the clocks go.
  • There were only two or three ladies.
  • Only two theories remained.
  • She lives only two steps from here.
  • This should be played until only two are left.
  • He had only two profound emotions.
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