Only What In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Only What | Only What Sentence

  • It is only what we know.
  • Only what in this is not this is real.
  • Only what did he want?
  • Yet it is only what might have been expected.
  • Only what was to come next?
  • Trust only what is completely known.
  • But after all this is only what you ought to expect.
  • We understand in others only what we have in ourselves.
  • Dogs are only what men make them.
  • He got only what was coming to him.
  • It is only what was sure to happen.
  • She can love only what is noble.
  • The convicts were only what was to be expected.
  • We can buy only what is for sale.
  • For a man loses only what he has.
  • All this was only what might have been expected.
  • I brought only what was necessary.
  • I write only what is most pressing!
  • Only what kind of force was being used?
  • Buy only what is needed and can be properly stored.
  • One people can give to another only what is its own.
  • But this is only what is common to all desirable objects.
  • She kept only what was necessary for her own support.
  • It was only what comes of dealing with women.
  • Men admire and worship only what they do not understand.
  • It was indeed only what they had confidently expected.
  • She loved only what his name might bring her.
  • The popular voice said that was only what he merited.
  • I say only, what does it mean?
  • But in that case it secures only what is within the jaws.
  • Only, what would become of her friends?
  • I plunder with discretion, taking only what suits me.
  • Do only what I tell you.
  • You yourself don't count, it's only what you do that does.
  • Do only what I tell you.

How To Use Only What In A Sentence?

  • But the Greeks have only what they deserve.
  • I reveal only what I myself know.
  • Only, what could she do; ah, what?
  • It could buy only what was in Belgium.
  • Mr. Illingway is telling only what he heard.
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