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  • I just rolled over onto my face.
  • And now onto another annoyance.
  • Turn onto a hot platter and serve.
  • Slip it carefully onto a platter and serve at once.
  • She ran to the bodies and turned one over onto its back.
  • I got onto my pinto bronc and loped fer town.
  • But she got onto her hoss quick, and without no help.
  • Lloyd lifted the shoulder support back onto her shoulder covering her up.
  • Bull was a big dark man, edgin' up onto the thirty mark.
  • Lawrence had not gone two miles before he came onto Richardson.
  • Father Frog hopped up onto a big rock that was hanging right over the creek.
  • Boyce came out from behind the rock and helped Lloyd onto the rocks nearby.
  • First the big feller'd git down; then, the other'd step onto his back.
  • I didn't spur no horse onto him and ride him down like a dog.
  • You never see a man sweat so tryin' to get both hands onto a idea at once.
  • We poured the water of my little lost boy's last bath onto the memory-bed.

How To Use Onto In A Sentence?

  • I put down my haid, and was just kinda dragged up the aisle and onto the platform.
  • The strange voice undulated from the cabinet, as more moving images were vomited onto the screen.
  • Boyce let Zoro onto his left forearm and stroked him while the bird balanced itself.
  • He made his painful way to the window and looked out onto the majesty of Gothal.
  • Then, Eckma refused to let him come in onto her and he could not understand this.
  • Then they pitched onto me, and if it hadn't been for Pringle they'd have got me sure!
  • He helped Boyce up onto his and they put their packs back on and started up the cliff-face, gain.
  • Lawrence looked and saw Harry and Jack almost onto them, their revolvers levelled on Billy.
  • Bert ran the "Blue Streak" out onto the sunlit road, and, running beside it, shot on the spark.
  • Grenadine got onto her feet as well and growled as they both stood there staring and circling one another.
  • He stopped eating, looked at the meat that he was holding then slowly dropped it back onto the tray.
  • As she passed her son, she swooped down upon him and lifted him with a fine free swing onto her shoulder.
  • He looked at the fiery scourge projected onto the wall, then lowered his head and pondered heavily.
  • When a grounded circuit is connected to a metallic circuit in this manner, no ground is thrown onto the metallic circuit.
  • Lifting it onto its stand, he pushed his goggles up on his forehead, and looked around for his late rival.
  • By and by she rose softly, dressed and went out onto the veranda and looked long into the reddening eastern sky.
  • Both door and window flew open and the expected men rushed into the room and dove onto the beds jabbing into them with knives.
  • The kite balloon is connected with the earth by means of a strong steel cable, which winds onto an immense reel.
  • Then the screen went blank and immediately a drone came from the cabinet, and more writing was printing out onto the black-glassed panel.
  • Lloyd looked up from the book, at times, and caught the boy's eyes locked onto him as he read.
  • Immediately the car door was closed, and a few moments later a switch engine hooked onto the car and soon it was coupled to a long train.
  • Boyce fell to his knees and wailed, mourning his fallen friend and teacher, while he still held onto his cross bow.
  • That's why the software and interfaces developed for the commercial webspace tended to take user's hands off the keyboard and onto the mouse.
  • In the eye of the young leper man, a tear was forming until it was finally born onto his cheek and trickled into the dry crusts of his face.

Definition of Onto

(mathematics, of a function) Assuming each of the values in its codomain; having its range equal to its codomain. | Upon; on top of. | (informal) Aware of.
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