Open Your In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Open Your | Open Your Sentence

  • You have only to open your eyes.
  • Try to open your mind to me.
  • You will open your eyes!
  • Open your eyes to see these things.
  • I shall open your house.
  • You open your young eyes.
  • I am going to open your window.
  • Whose work is it but your own to open your eyes?
  • Beware lest you open your eyes.
  • Pinch your nose and open your mouth.
  • Then open your mouth and catch it.
  • Open your lips, if only to curse me!
  • When will you open your pretty blue eye?
  • Open your eyes and look round the world.
  • Boy, open your mouth!
  • Open your knees, you duffer!
  • Open your mouth, my dear.
  • Your first secretary tried to open your deed box.
  • Open your books instantly, every one of you!
  • He must have heard us breaking open your door.
  • Have I to open your eyes?
  • I never told you to open your mouth to spit, either.
  • Well, let me tell you, that you had better open your eyes.
  • Open your eyes wider, wider, until you see me well.
  • I wish, too, you would not open your eyes so wide.
  • Open your chops, I say.
  • O new Father, now open your eys!
  • You may open your eyes now, Dorothy.
  • Open your Marcus Antoninus.
  • Speak, dear Clara, and open your heart to me.
  • Open your lantern, Carl, and let us enter!
  • Open your mouth, my young lion, I want to count your teeth.
  • Open your salons, Madame la Duchesse!
  • The door is open, Your Majesty.
  • Say, Blokey, open your mug and let's 'ave a peep.

How To Use Open Your In A Sentence?

  • Oh, Frank, Frank, open your eyes!
  • Now, G. W., open your eyes!
  • Open your eyes!
  • Open your boxes.
  • Open your mouth.
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