Opening in a sentence

Definition of Opening

(cricket) describing the first period of play, usually up to the fall of the first wicket; describing a batsman who opens the innings or a bowler who opens the attack | | present participle of open

How to use Opening in a Sentence?

  • He was put to sleep in a small room opening on the rough verandah that ran round the house.
  • Showers of grape poured upon them; and the moment an opening appeared, on rushed the lancers.
  • Finally, there was a room opening upon a laurel walk, which had at one time been a library.
  • This was the position in which the opening of the War of the Rebellion found him.
  • The way to make his permanent home in the Quaker City seemed to be opening before him.
  • In July of the opening year of the war Grant became a brigadier-general of volunteers.
  • The Adlon had been Yankee headquarters in Berlin ever since its opening in the autumn of 1907.
  • More commonly the opening sentence simply indicates by its subject with what the paragraph is to be principally concerned.
  • Sophonisba sees a man in livery opening the door of what appears to be the entrance to some quiet learned institution.
  • It must not however be thought that we stood close to the terrible opening out of which rose the flames and smoke.
  • It soon became manifest that my opening and my general spaciousness of method bored my audiences a good deal.
  • She felt herself raised from the ground, and on opening her eyes found that she was in the arms of a ragged youth.
  • To admit the sound waves it is provided with a circular opening opposite to and about the size of the rear electrode block.
  • The piece slips round to one side and there is revealed a small square opening in which rests a sealed parchment.
  • The plan was unexceptionable, resembling that of his first campaign in 1796, and the opening moves were successfully carried out.
  • Her followers were quartered in the chambers opening upon the neighboring corridor, and her favorite page slept in an adjoining closet.
  • This assumes many forms, but always consists in a cylindrical opening behind which are arranged one or more spring contacts.
  • The current through the fuse being more than 7 amperes, it will blow promptly, opening the line and isolating the apparatus.
  • Such was the opening of this interview, according to the old story, though it has almost too familiar an air to be credited.
  • Always I seem to have been looking for that in those opening years, and disregarding everything else to discover it.
  • Upon this Brant had laid his ambush, having posted his men with only a slight opening in their ranks towards the incline of the road.
  • He believes that every religion is good, as leading to heaven, but that his own faith is the best, as opening the gate of the very highest heaven.
  • Consequently there was an opening for an evil-disposed person to assert what the Honorable Richard was now asserting.
  • He would have been only a little less astounded if the old lady had announced her intention of opening a dance-hall upon her return to Prouty.
  • He felt certain that the opening into Deadman's Gully lay in the valley behind him.
  • Laura stood still and gazed upwards until the opening bars had sounded, then she sprang, as it were, into space, and her whole aspect altered.
  • After wandering about for some time, however, they came to an opening among the trees which Sam thought resembled the place.
  • The opening forms a receptacle for plugs which have one or more metallic terminals for the conductors in the flexible cord in which the plug terminates.
  • It had several passages, each opening into a common cell, beyond which was an inner nest, in which the young, six in number, were found.
  • At ten minutes past five the battle began, the Spaniards opening fire from ships and forts, at a distance of more than four miles.
  • A wild thrill went through him as he discovered that the crack widened towards the ground into an opening just large enough for a man and horse to pass through.

Short Example Sentence for Opening

  • It was a servant opening the back door.
  • Pinkey leaned over the opening in the floor and sniffed.
  • The opening definition hereof is accurate.
  • And into the opening at the heel the Rattler steered.
  • The opening of Parliament gave me some peculiar moods.
  • I suppose we ought to make some little noise the opening night.
  • She did not hear a rap twice repeated, nor the opening of the door.
  • She hastened towards the window, but paused at the abrupt opening of the door.
  • He released Renouard's arm and stepped out of the shade opening his parasol.

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