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  • Here the grandest operas are produced.
  • His operas stand at the parting of the ways.
  • I have been indulging greatly in operas lately.
  • What music, what operas shall we hear?
  • In ten years twenty-eight operas were produced.
  • As time went on, his operas lost public interest.
  • Dans les deux opéras français le dénoûment est heureux.
  • Those operas and gauzes, I believe, ruin them.
  • The dramas of Racine and the operas of Lulli were akin.
  • In this catalogue there are twenty-five operas and eleven masses.
  • Mozart's operas introduced into England.
  • Lind's operas save Mdlle.
  • One remembers that the critics damned Wagner's operas as a new form of sin.

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  • Thirteen operas have been produced, all of which were mounted in a manner never before equalled.
  • His masses were pasticcio work made up of pieces selected from his operas and other compositions.
  • Wagner could not compose his operas unless he had on a red plush robe and a helmet.
  • His plays are mostly comic operas or farces, and some of them had great success.
  • The two operas invite comparison; for at the outset their heroes seem to be the same man.
  • He was indefatigable in finding out the balls, soirees, and operas she would attend.
  • Between 1637 and 1700 there were performed three hundred operas at Venice alone.
  • In these eight years Handel presented to the public ten operas and five oratorios.
  • Dans les trois opéras italiens, au contraire, la catastrophe finale est admise.
  • Under the auspices of this patron, Handel composed three operas and two oratorios.
  • Faustina shall sing as she used to sing before; Hasse shall compose operas as he composed before.
  • Handel had had enough of manufacturing operas in Germany, and so in July 1706 he went to Florence.
  • In the power and propriety of musical declamation his operas are conceded to be without a superior.
  • Much of the music of the later operas is spun out of what appear at first nothing more than the old leading motives.
  • But some transcripts from classical operas were even more attractive, through the dignity with which these men invested them.
  • The vivacity and grace of the ballets in his operas save more than one act which otherwise would be insufferably heavy and tedious.
  • There are parts of all his operas which cannot be surpassed for beauty of music, dramatic energy, and fascination of effect.
  • Singers and Operas produced by me 295 Index to Volumes I. and II.
  • Therefore dramatic movement in his operas was always of the heroic order, and never touched the more subtile and complex elements of life.
  • He remained in the newspaper business all his life, and wrote numerous poems, and several operas which were produced.
  • An incessant worker, overseer of his operas on twenty stages, he had to pay the tax by which his fame became his ruin.
  • He talked rather more quickly than usual about the possibility that some of the operas of Mozart would be played in the summer.
  • Yet some of the airs from the Handel operas are still cherished by singers as among the most beautiful songs known to the concert-stage.
  • As he was well versed in music and had a remarkable voice, he frequently, upon request, sang selections from the popular operas then in vogue.
  • The forty odd "operas" are not operas at all, but sets of incidental pieces and songs for plays, and some of the sets are very short.
  • In Paris he had been struck with the operas of Rameau, in which the declamatory form was strongly marked.
  • These three operas have generally been considered his masterpieces, though it is more than possible that the riper judgment of the future will not sustain this claim.

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plural of opera
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