Operetta In A Sentence

Definition of Operetta

(music) A lighter version of opera with a frivolous story and spoken dialogue.

How To Use Operetta In A Sentence?

  • The choir-boys, past and present, perform an operetta in costume every Christmas.
  • And as I leave I hear the chorus of an operetta in the deep voice of Monsieur Caterna.
  • Our operetta tenor played the whole season in the same shirt, powdering the bosom freshly each evening with a yellowish powder which he used for his face.
  • Its reception may be judged from the fact that the performance of the operetta had to be interrupted for several minutes, so greatly was the singer fatigued by the constant ovations and insistent demands for encores.
  • The wedding party fell upon her with reproaches while the orchestra gave a spirited rendition of "Going Up," the aviation operetta of the day.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Operetta | Operetta Sentence

  • King of the castles; an operetta in three acts.
  • They once put on an operetta of his at the Court.
  • Yet the French operetta also counted numerous partizans.
  • It is a simple little operetta in one act by Victor Macci.
  • Viardot's pupils performed an operetta of her own composition, while Mme.

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