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  • Or is not the very opposite true?
  • And the not true is that which is the opposite of the true?
  • Next we shall turn and look in the opposite direction.
  • Only the bald-head took the opposite direction.
  • Already we have been compelled to attribute opposite determinations to Being.
  • Immediately opposite the throne were the Tibetan lay council of three.
  • His spirit is the opposite of that of Jesuitism or casuistry (Wallace).

How To Use Opposite In A Sentence?

  • It is observable that he does not absolutely deny that there is an opposite of Being.
  • A rough table stood opposite the window, and behind the table was a wooden bench.
  • We have come to the same point of view, it appears, by travelling on opposite roads.
  • It is close by a dram-shop, where the cab-men of the stand opposite refresh the inner man.
  • But as we came opposite camp, MacRae took a notion to look down and see what they were about.
  • Nor can there ever be an end of this wrangling and jangling while the arguments of the opposite parties have their roots in a common error.
  • A glance at the big clock in the tower opposite her bedroom window convinced her that her watch was to be taken seriously.
  • As his glance swept in the opposite direction he saw two shadowy forms headed on a run for the side street.
  • My spurs fairly lifted the dun horse, and we scuttled in the opposite direction like a scared antelope.
  • She was still at the window when the door of the opposite house was opened, and the little old lady came hurriedly out.
  • In the same ground you are surprised to find so many living animals in one herd, from the most opposite parts of the habitable globe.
  • The doctrine of opposite moments of thought or of progression by antagonism, further assists us in framing a scheme or system of the sciences.
  • All of a sudden, I was thrown forward against the opposite window by the stoppage of the postchaise.
  • They were always of different opinions, belonged to opposite parties, and early became accustomed to regard each other as foes.
  • They had already slided half-way down the incline, when from the mountain opposite arose a muffled, mysterious roar.
  • They were coming briskly toward her and she hastily turned on a sudden impulse and crossed the Square in the opposite direction.
  • She seemed almost accidentally to take an opposite path, which led outside of the wood, where the robber dare not venture.
  • On stopping one motor, the stopped motor is unclutched from its propeller shaft, which is then connected up by chain drive to the opposite shaft.
  • I was seated here one evening, when a group of Italians took seat at a table on the opposite side of the saloon.
  • Leaving his horsemen in ambush on the opposite shore, Banfi with four companions descended to the stream to seek for a ford.
  • In the afternoons you will find me in the coffee-house opposite the "Goldene Birne.
  • The fireplace, it should be noted, was built on the side of the room opposite to the windows; that is to say, in one of the partition walls.
  • It was haymaking season, and, as ill luck would have it, immediately opposite the cottage was a little alehouse with the sign of the load of hay.
  • Madame Tancredi was the exact opposite of her friend Milano in all save the kindly spirit of the true artist.
  • He does not assert that everything is and is not, or that the same thing can be affected in the same and in opposite ways at the same time and in respect of the same part of itself.
  • In a few minutes the trooper opposite my friend of the poker-game drew out, and one of the players called loudly on Goodell to take his place.
  • About this time also little Ida would kneel on a chair at her nursery window in the opposite house to watch the old lady come out and go.
  • That night the Turks pitched their tents in the market-place, immediately opposite the dwelling of the Prince.
  • In philosophy again there are two opposite principles, of immediate experience and of those general or a priori truths which are supposed to transcend experience.
  • The same means have also shown us, that the opposite errors of Pelagianism and Augustinism have a common root in a false psychology.
  • He was now as remarkable for loquacity as formerly for the opposite characteristic; and his keenness of observation and retentive memory were a theme of general admiration.
  • One of them he sent back to fetch the rest, but he himself with the other three remained on the opposite bank looking steadily in the direction of the fire.
  • The educational theory could probably be traced to the torn and yellowing fragments of a book that lay on the rude table opposite the cavern entrance.

Definition of Opposite

Located directly across from something else, or from each other. | (botany) Of leaves and flowers, positioned directly across from each other on a stem. | Facing in the other direction.
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