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  • For a world of opposites there can be no peace.
  • All things contain their own opposites within them.
  • The influence of opposites is felt in practical life.
  • What singular fatality has brought two such irreconcilable opposites together?
  • That evolution demands a union of opposites seems at first paradoxical enough.
  • So in him, according as he has been used, have opposites met.

How To Use Opposites In A Sentence?

  • To him there was more of conviction in silent opposites than in noisy arguments.
  • Correctly naming opposites of each of fifty adjectives which occurred each time in random order.
  • The Pythagoreans drew up a list of ten opposites of which the universe is composed.
  • How shall two such opposites as rhythm and tone color be connected, even in name, some will ask.
  • The causes of shrinkage in population are the opposites of those which we have found to promote its increase.
  • He then showed the girls how he had bent the tops of each pair of opposites or poles forward until they met.
  • It depends only on how the opposites react upon each other, what effects will proceed from the one and what from the other.
  • Again, the opposites themselves may vary from the least degree of diversity up to contradictory opposition.
  • The commonplace logic will hardly listen to the demonstration of the unity of such apparently wide opposites as truth and untruth.
  • It is a universal rule that each of a pair of opposites of this type has reference to that to which the particular 'positive' is natural.
  • His two main opposites are a mountebank and a good woman, and he never shews his learning so much as in an invective against them and their boxes.
  • Only later, by slight modifications of the original word, were two designations developed for the opposites which it denoted.
  • The opposite of property, or perhaps we should say the opposites of property, are much more obscure to us than property itself.
  • There is an undefined, half-recognized force in nature which leads many to seek to balance themselves by marrying their opposites in temperament.
  • It recounts from early girlhood to old age the lives of two sisters, the exact opposites to one another in temperament.
  • In the Christian life there is always a paradox: what appear irreconcilable opposites are found side by side at the same moment.
  • This can be done only by a science of understanding which recognizes matter and mind and all opposites and contradictions as formalities of the universe.
  • Tone and gesture used in connection with the words would have left no room for doubt as to which of the two opposites the speaker intended to communicate.
  • The opposites or contraries referred to as giving rise to the dualistic conceptions of divinity are thus readily harmonized with the conception of logical unity.
  • A sound mind is a well-organized mind in which a controlling idea is able to inhibit the opposites and is in no danger of being overrun by any chance intrusion into the mind.
  • Assuming that there are unconscious tendencies in the psychic life, nothing is proved by the ability of the subject to show that their opposites dominate his conscious life.
  • The unity of opposites was the crux of ancient thinkers in the age of Plato: How could one thing be or become another?
  • There is certainly no reason for suspecting that tapping and opposites or tapping and discrimination become, as tests, more alike because of frequent repetition.
  • A true solution is only possible by rising above the level of the two antagonistic principles and taking them both up to the level of a higher conception, in which both opposites are reconciled.
  • Upon a first view it does indeed seem as if there could not be any greater opposites than the speculative mind which proceeds from unity, and the intuitive mind which proceeds from variety.
  • Pairs of opposites which fall under the category of relation are explained by a reference of the one to the other, the reference being indicated by the preposition 'of' or by some other preposition.
  • Medieval romantic love, in its original form, had been part of a conception of womanhood made up of opposites, and all the opposites balanced each other.
  • Of this wide variety of forms of throat tension the most prominent are those indicated by sets of sympathetic sensations, the direct opposites of those characterizing the perfect vocal action.
  • This method of opposites has supplied new instruments of thought for the solution of metaphysical problems, and has thrown down many of the walls within which the human mind was confined.
  • In the spirit-land the superfluities repel each other; the individual souls seek to remedy their imperfections: in the union of opposites only is to be found the great harmonia of life.
  • It sounds paradoxical, but whenever you once place yourself at the point of view; of any higher synthesis, you see exactly how it does in a fashion take up opposites into itself.
  • Whether the proneness of opposites to fancy each other, progressively going from the smaller to the greater differences, will ultimately compound a universal color, no man can now tell.

Definition of Opposites

plural of opposite
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