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  • But something kept oppressing Albert ever more powerfully.
  • It had oppressed him before, and now again it was oppressing him.
  • His policy now was to conciliate the people instead of oppressing them.
  • It was the ghastly sense of muddle and falsehood that was oppressing her now.
  • He had made himself very officious in oppressing the trades and the plebeians.
  • The weight of the recent discussion was still oppressing him.
  • The moral obligation oppressing his mind was swept away for the time being.
  • Stainton, your savants would raise the race by oppressing the individuals.
  • For a second he hesitated, a sense of angry humiliation oppressing his wits.

How To Use Oppressing In A Sentence?

  • He awoke in the darkness, and sat upright in the bed, a feeling of calamity oppressing him.
  • Never before had Mrs. Bean known what it was to be free from the oppressing spectre of want.
  • I see this government to be effectually allied with France and Austria in oppressing mankind.
  • I have thought it over, and will not be led into oppressing my father's widow any more.
  • But no sooner were they independent of their benefactors, than they made common cause in oppressing the peasantry who had given them birth.
  • A great weight suddenly was lifted from his soul; a vast exaltation drove out everything that had been oppressing him for so long.
  • Our little group in the beet field was restless and silent; or if we spoke it was not of what was oppressing our minds and stilling our heartbeats.
  • They are, in fact, nothing more than a sign that the vital powers have been relieved by removing something that was oppressing them.
  • Do you think it was a mean thing for Germany to rise up and cast out the power that had been oppressing her?
  • We had found the freedom: it was as though some oppressing weight were lifted from off us, as though an attack of mental asthma had been relieved.
  • But it was, after all, for Denis to effect that severing, to cut himself loose from that oppressing and impossible weight.
  • The sense of the divine presence grew faint, and multitudes of spirits filled the air instead, oppressing human life with a sense of vague anxiety.
  • We did the oppressing ourselves, and because people in our station had done the same thing for hundreds of years we never stopped to think that it was wrong.
  • She saw him suddenly straighten himself up, throwing back his powerful shoulders as though to rid himself of the burden which had been oppressing him so long.
  • At the same time that laws were enacted or were twisted to suit the will of property, other laws were long in force oppressing the poor to a terrifying degree.
  • He accused him of oppressing the people, and governing without the co-operation of himself and Ali Wad Helu.
  • His brief and precarious enjoyment of power must be employed in rewarding his partizans, in extending his influence, in oppressing and crushing his adversaries.
  • This power of appointment and removal placed the courts under the control of the King and made it possible for him to use them as a means of oppressing the people.
  • They saw no reason for aiding a despotic government in subduing and oppressing a small people fighting for their independence, as did the brave Riffs.
  • He can boast of having done more for the arts than any other living monarch; and if he had accomplished it all without oppressing his people, he would deserve an immortality of fame....
  • By such means, and by taxing and oppressing the English people in every possible way, the Red King became very rich.

Definition of Oppressing

present participle of oppress
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