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  • If strife comes, let your oppressors start it.
  • Here, the oppressors determined to send him to Cyprus.
  • And thus were they recorded among the oppressors in the books of heaven.
  • The oppressors were as simple as the oppressed, and as lonely.
  • But Belgium's oppressors do not any longer want to convert her.

How To Use Oppressors In A Sentence?

  • There he brooded over plans for taking vengeance on the oppressors of his country.
  • His frowning silence was a deadlier rebuke to the slayers and oppressors than secession.
  • If ignorance is useful to priests and to the oppressors of humanity, it is very fatal to society.
  • Perhaps even now they were seized and accused of crimes for which their tyrannical oppressors might condemn them to death.
  • The supporters of the rights of man would indeed pour forth their eloquent denunciations against the oppressors of the absent.
  • They should have been less or greater; they did not quite liberate, but became oppressors of the mind.
  • There must also be born and reinforced the other conviction that we are not oppressors but liberators....
  • Being more numerous than the whites there was fear of rebellion, and the overpowering of their oppressors in order to obtain freedom.
  • Day after day did he assail with dauntless energy the open or secret robbers, oppressors or corruptors of the people.
  • Had they raised an empire, licked their oppressors well, they would have been compassionately loved.
  • On this account the oppressors representing religion have been despised by the people, quite as much as lay tyrants.
  • In that region were many oppressors of the poor who, when they heard the mutterings of the storm, shivered for their safety.
  • They had now, for the first time, inflicted such a lesson upon their oppressors as would make a deep mark.
  • Most of them had been born amidst perils, reared in the forest, and taught from their childhood to hate the oppressors of their race.
  • For when he returned, it would be to punish his enemies, to chastise the wicked, the oppressors and the tyrants.
  • In such cases, action and reaction are equal; the violence of the oppressors usually finding its counterpart in the violence of the oppressed.
  • The reasons which forced the peoples of the Soudan to revolt were as strong as the defence which their oppressors could offer was feeble.
  • Is it only Irish hearts which burn to aid the oppressed and torture the oppressors as they tortured their poor unfortunate victims?
  • These were ordered to surrender; but instead of doing so, they challenged their proud oppressors to take them, and immediately renewed the war.
  • Monarchical governments have trained the human race to sanguinary punishments, but the people should not follow the examples of their oppressors in such vengeance.
  • The willingness of the republican revolutionaries to take up arms and fire on their oppressors has left a cultural legacy that two full centuries have not effaced.
  • We see, further, that in defending the doctrines of idealism one finds himself enlisted perforce in the ranks of the oppressors and exploiters of the masses.
  • At a moment when our oppressors want to build a German bridge over our bodies to the Slav Adriatic, we come to you as your allies.
  • At sight of the commandant the sergeants made their victim use that as a step by which to mount the table and soap-box, and there he stood eying his oppressors as calmly as if he were witnessing a play.
  • Her escort naturally resented this, and instantly all the bitter ignominy and the wrongs the patient islanders had endured at the hands of their French oppressors boiled over.
  • The poor slaves, from whose limbs the chains of their oppressors had only just been struck, would come round him when anxious about his health, and gently touch him with their fingers.

Definition of Oppressors

plural of oppressor
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