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  • Where no real option is given to a person the proverb "Hobson's choice" is suggested.
  • The prohibition of the liquor business in a city or county is often left to a popular vote; indeed, "local option" is the commonest form of Referendum.
  • Similarly, if I say: "Either love me or hate me," "Either call my theory true or call it false," your option is avoidable.
  • An introduction, if made in this manner, could become the basis of a future acquaintance, both ladies having had the option of refusing the acquaintance of the other if so disposed; whereas a forced introduction where no option is given would hardly count as the basis of a future acquaintance unless the ladies thus introduced mutually appreciated each other.
  • the option is trivial when the opportunity is not unique, when the stake is insignificant, or when the decision is reversible if it later prove unwise.
  • March 31--Much enthusiasm over sinking of British passenger steamer Falaba; official statistics of second war loan show that $2,265,000,000 was subscribed, of which $17,750,000 came from 452,113 persons in sums of $50 or less; local option is permitted by German Federal Council.
  • "The whole circumstances under which the alleged option is alleged to have been given would have to be examined," said Mr. Slosson.

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  • Let us reassure ourselves, at our own option is our virtue.
  • An additional display option is a Light Pen.
  • A living option is one in which both hypotheses are live ones.
  • The alleged option is given to a Miss Rose Euclid."
  • "Do you know what an option is?"
  • "Further, the option is not transferable."
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