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  • In addition to "futures" proper there are "options" and "straddles."
  • "Options" and "straddles."

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  • Made twenty-three thousand off of the options, and nine or ten off of the other things.
  • Had formed a small preliminary company, registered in Athens, to take up the options, and he wanted directors.
  • He turns over his options and his share in this mail-boat for ten founder's shares and a seat on the board, see?
  • So she agreed to his selling another block of General Electric or Bell Telephone and taking up his options, and having thus made up their difference, they drifted on their way.
  • Unfortunately the plan was frustrated by the taking up of the matter in America direct from Germany, without regard to the shipment difficulty, without going into the question of the options and without knowledge of the political or economic situation.
  • He told how the three men were trying to do this very thing, how they had planned on getting the water themselves, how Martin Leland had tied up thousands in options and purchases, how Ettinger had been one too many for them and had beat them to Shandon.
  • The term "futures" is used broadly and narrowly: broadly it is a generic term denoting "futures" in the narrow sense, and also "options" and "straddles"; narrowly it implies merely contracts for future delivery at a price fixed in the present.
  • Founded in 1990, Globalink is a major U.S. company in language translation software and services, which offers customized translation solutions built around a range of software products, on-line options and professional translation services.
  • Between us Garth and I have expended upwards of fifty thousand dollars in the last five weeks in options and out-right purchases."
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