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  • Leave the options here.
  • All the options are without interest charges.
  • Such trivial options abound in the scientific life.
  • The options given in France amounted to about 380,000.
  • But they can get it if they get the options on a large part of the farms.
  • Had they already bought it, or had they only secured options on it?
  • Then you kin spring your options on 'em....

How To Use Options In A Sentence?

  • The complete structure, with all options included, would be: Size of plants, small.
  • They have come to me to find out what the U. & M. Railroad wants with options on all that country.
  • He had control of and options on lands which were estimated to be worth several millions of dollars at any fair valuation.
  • Most of 'em want large sums in options on the bare model and registered patents.
  • If the railroad could have gotten the options which it tried to get on those farms the grant would have been given without question.
  • The price of options of course varies: that of double options is always highest, but they are little used.
  • The game was his, if he could raise the money; they had bought most of the minority stock outright, being unable to get options on it.
  • Then Whiting had actually been obtaining what were really options to himself, while pretending to hold the people back in their own interest?
  • Everybody seemed to have disposed of it and nobody seemed to know exactly who had been doing the buying, for the options had been taken in a number of names.
  • Other men had been sent at once into the hills with what seemed like liberal offers for six-month options on all the lands which the railroad coveted.
  • He called several witnesses who had been agents of the railroad and associated in one way or another with the murdered man in his efforts to get options on the farm lands in the hills.
  • From the official German reports, there were about 160,000 options declared in Alsace-Lorraine, of which only 50,000 were valid.

Definition of Options

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of option | plural of option
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