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  • Let opulence and good taste construct as much more as they please on modern lines.
  • Nothing reveals the sculptural opulence of Italy like this apparent wastefulness.
  • He wasn't prepared to give up the comfort of Lena's house, the opulence and peace.
  • For opulence of rest Among the hills and the meadow grass, And sing our grateful best.
  • He had begun life in a humble station, and had raised himself to great opulence by his own exertions.
  • But the evil time had come when opulence was to be a crime, and virtue was to be no longer a safe-guard.
  • I had no wish beyond the trade of agriculture, and beyond the opulence which a hundred acres would give.
  • On the contrary, there are well-authenticated cases of women who were stout and barren in opulence becoming thin and prolific in poverty.
  • It is not uncommon for the same man, in the course of his life, to rise and sink again through all the grades which lead from opulence to poverty.
  • Never would I purchase the blandishments of adulation and the glare of opulence at the price of my honesty.
  • The houses, each with abundant grounds, had all a formal opulence due chiefly to the white-pillared fronts.
  • A lady of superior culture and refinement, fell from opulence to extreme poverty, within four years.
  • Being unable to guess her intention the mandarin took his departure, and the family lived long in opulence and good repute under its chosen head.
  • He had been poor most of his life, and his rare periods of opulence had ended briefly, therefore this failure meant merely another trial.
  • A spacious and commodious house, a great number of black servants, equipages: every thing announced the opulence of the general.
  • For the payment of these notes he by no means relied, as the world foolishly imagined, on the seeming opulence and secret funds of Welbeck.
  • The redemption of Catherine Linton and Hareton is thrown in by the way in sheer opulence of imagination.
  • She was aware of the shadow of a regret at the opulence of her personal effect; her hand went to her throat and drew the laces closer together there.
  • By thus acting, he would have thwarted all his schemes for winning the esteem of mankind and fostering the belief which the world entertained of his opulence and independence.
  • Wordsworth was so impressed, indeed, by the opulence of the youthful fancy, that he could only account for it by supposing recent contact with heaven.
  • The opulence of the clergy increased the bitterness of their enemies; and the blow which was intended to lay the throne in the dust, was nominally aimed at religion.
  • As soon as he opens his eyes on the light, he is surrounded by all the enjoyments which opulence can furnish, ingenuity contrive, or fondness bestow.
  • The skilled housewife makes wonderful provision against winter from the opulence of summer, and her storehouse is crowded with innumerable glass cells rich in the spoils of orchard and garden.
  • The structure shone like a luminous mountain, and its radiant purity indicated something almost superhuman, eclipsing even its suggestion of opulence and pride.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Opulence | Opulence Sentence

  • Shall you betimes each day in luxurious opulence banquet?
  • His descendants seem to have resided here with great opulence near 400 years.

Definition of Opulence

wealth | abundance, bounty, profusion
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