Or Did In A Sentence

How To Use Or Did In A Sentence?

  • Or did you leave it this morning left foot foremost?
  • Was it imagination or did his shriveled face mirror fear?
  • He breathed so softly, or did he breathe at all?
  • Was he dreaming, or did she whisper something?
  • Now, did we say so, or did we not?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Or Did | Or Did Sentence

  • Or did they suspect him?
  • Or did they know them for what they were?
  • Or did the gulls do it?
  • Nothing she said or did puzzled him.
  • Or did he go on up country?
  • Or did they just pray all the time?
  • Did things so happen or did they not?
  • Did she sleep or did she wake?
  • Or did she only dine in public?
  • Or did he lead up to it in any way?
  • Or did he build all three?
  • What does it matter if you said it or did not say it?
  • Or did a nobler emotion possess her?
  • And why did it interest him what she ate or did not eat?
  • Or did she know something that he did not know?
  • Did your husband put you in my charge or did he not?
  • Mary never knew what she said or did.
  • Not that they looked alike or did the same things.
  • Or did you look for me to call you by name?
  • Or did you just pick up the ones you wanted?
  • Or did you find out that he was going to be married?
  • You can at least say whether you did so or did not.
  • He never said or did anything to startle her.
  • Did you kiss, or did you ask?
  • Did he see a speck that moved or did he imagine it?
  • Whatever they said or thought or did led to discord.
  • Bob hardly knew what he himself ate or did or thought.
  • Or did he know enough to stay away?
  • Nothing the barrister said or did could astonish him now.
  • Or did his vanity blind him to the risk he was taking?
  • One either baked his own bread or did without it.
  • We are not told what her uncle said or did at the time.
  • Or did he find it difficult somehow to talk?
  • They had no ancestors, or did not boast of them.
  • Was she choosing among them, or did she want them all?
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