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How To Use Or Have In A Sentence?

  • Or have we spiritual energies which have called this spiritual nature into being?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Or Have | Or Have Sentence

  • Or have you forgotten?
  • Or have you a letter for him?
  • Or have you a serious itch?
  • Or have you changed your mind?
  • Or have you a glimmer of hope?
  • Or have you got a headache?
  • Or have they a real existence of their own?
  • Without this it cannot live or move or have any being.
  • Or have tasted the bag of the bee?
  • Or have you been plaguing him for too much attention?
  • Or have you gone clean out of your wits?
  • Give her some jabots to do up or have your hair shampooed.
  • Or have ye gone insane?
  • The gills are attached or have a tooth.
  • All that he will have bound, or have unbound.
  • Or have we really open water to the southeast?
  • Or have you lost a far-distant cousin?
  • Or have you developed an hysterical sense of humour?
  • Or have we waggled our beards all night long in vain?
  • Here he ought to have rested, or have died.
  • I must either cut my hair or have one.
  • Are you ill, or have you met with an accident?
  • Is it the smoke from the kettles, or have you been afire?
  • Or have you never silently borne an unworthy suspicion?
  • Had you, or have you, any brothers or sisters?
  • One must give you head, or have no peace.
  • To want to live with them, or have them to live with us.
  • Sit still a bit and drink a little more, or have a smoke.
  • Most of them are in Siberia or have disappeared by now.
  • Do you lead a quiet life, or have you many friends?
  • Or have I seen him recently?
  • I never let her read stories, or have pets, dolls.
  • Is it only memory, or have I lost my senses?
  • Are you the man I knew, or have you altered?
  • Or have they?
  • Or have we dragged him down from the heights to which he once aspired?
  • Or have they been swep' overboard?
  • Or have you forgotten that it is only lazy people who do not mock me?
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