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  • Or in any unreasoning creature?
  • In heaven or in hell?
  • Nothing on earth or in hell.
  • Is he in doubt or in debt?
  • In stillness or in storm.
  • Or in talking to her either?
  • No lights anywhere on or in it.
  • Economies in fuel or in steam.
  • Life and death are not in your hands or in his.
  • He had no apology on his tongue or in his heart.
  • Perhaps by experience as a whole or in general.
  • Did they leave in order or in disorder?
  • If so they must have been on a ledge or in a crevice.
  • Are you going to undress here or in the boat?
  • Do not act rashly or in haste.
  • Is there something not on the earth or in the heavens?
  • No lights shone anywhere on or in it.
  • This may be orally or in writing.
  • Who bloweth in a trompe or in an horn?
  • Some people find it out of doors or in each other.
  • Could they be at prayer or in secret council?
  • Was it in mockery or in acknowledgment of his prowess?
  • Grace never comes in the intelligence or in the will.
  • Winnie was out or in another part of the house.
  • He certainly must be ill or in pain.
  • Or in short, in 12345.
  • The words are not synonyms of necessity or in fact.
  • In a superior court or in an inferior court?
  • Singly or in groups the town folk entered.
  • Many die of accident or in consequence of sin.
  • Doth the virtue consist in the metaphor or in the man?
  • Of this about three hundred was cultivated or in pasture.
  • Always wear your gloves in church or in a theater.
  • Was there nothing on earth or in heaven to save her?
  • Such bones as were found were decayed or in fragments.

How To Use Or In In A Sentence?

  • I am not guilty either in thought or in action.
  • They may be canned whole or in halves.
  • Read the constitution of your state in part or in full.
  • Greece may be dead or in the currant trade.
  • It grows either scattered or in groups.
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