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How To Use Or On In A Sentence?

  • Most of them were fitted out for war on the commerce of other countries or on pirates.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Or On | Or On Sentence

  • Or on any other day.
  • They are all at the fort or on the bank below.
  • On horseback or on foot?
  • Although he dine on silver or on delf?
  • They were at their country-places or on journeys.
  • There were no marks on his linen or on his clothes.
  • Fungicolous: living in or on fungi.
  • No one was on the front veranda or on the lawn.
  • External: belonging to or on the outside.
  • Necrophagous: living in or on carrion.
  • They must travel in the saddle or on foot.
  • Serve in a shallow vegetable dish or on a platter.
  • Serve hot in pattie cups or on toast.
  • I met no one in the hall or on the piazza.
  • Yes, and to dwell in or on for a time.
  • There was nothing either on the bridge or on the way home.
  • That which works in us or on us exists for us.
  • Or, on ne le peut pas.
  • They grow on the ground, or on trunks of trees.
  • Above or on a level with us, they can easily kill us.
  • He must have left here, either accidentally or on purpose.
  • Let him lie fairly, either on his side or on his back.
  • On the right hand or on the left, in the day of judgment?
  • At Thebes or on a desert island?
  • At home, afield, or on some foreign soil?
  • Azure, an orle of martlets or, on an inescutcheon arg.
  • There was no sign of Dulcie in the garden or on the lawn.
  • Treat daily, or on alternate days, as the eye can bear.
  • He don't know whether he's keel down or on his beam ends.
  • Mr. Brown, or on the stairs?
  • Entomogenous: growing in or on an insect: e.g. fungi.
  • They grow on twigs, leaves, dead wood, or on the ground.
  • Oh, where art thou dreaming, On land or on sea?
  • No harm from Him can come to me On ocean or on shore.
  • Or on scollops.
  • The Castaways; or, On the Florida Reefs.
  • It depends on how he feels or on how a thing happens to strike him.
  • Heavy fruits have a better chance than those on standards or on pyramids.
  • We are not to look hopelessly on the world at large or on our own friends.
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