Or Something In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Or Something | Or Something Sentence

  • Candy or something all the while!
  • Nothing or something.
  • Spiritual or something else.
  • Has there been a riot or something?
  • Have a cigar or something.
  • Have a drink or something.
  • It was an episode or something.
  • I was dying or something?
  • People marooned there or something.
  • Thought you were in a faint or something.
  • Twentieth cousins or something of the sort.
  • Come over to see her people or something.
  • She would marry or something.
  • For something more or something higher!
  • Make a tourniquet of your handkerchief or something.
  • I thought it was a tradesman or something.
  • He had been in the sun or the wind or something.
  • Said it was on a wrong basis or something.
  • The kid sick or something?
  • He is a sailor, or something.
  • It sounds like a herd or something.
  • I was just looking for a farm or a ladder or something.
  • Somebody wrote a book or something to prove it once.
  • He must have been trying to break in or something.
  • Might strain yore intellect or something.
  • Maybe he speculated and embezzled or gambled or something.
  • Some one or something was near us.
  • Married a girl of twenty or something like that.
  • It was bound to be something more or something less.
  • Maybe she is ashamed of the story or something like that.
  • Goods stolen out of a warehouse or something similar.
  • I thought he was jumping into a river or something.
  • I better go for a walk or something.
  • Someone will steal it or pull it to pieces or something.
  • Construction of the brain he had, or something like that.

How To Use Or Something In A Sentence?

  • They might offer us an ice or something.
  • Being on fire had given it heart-failure or something.
  • Or we ought to have told them we had, or something.
  • I thought then he might have been taken sick or something.
  • I was born then, or woke up or something.

Definition of Or Something

(idiomatic) Or something like that. Used to indicate the possibility that previously mentioned word may not be exactly correct in its applicability.
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