Or Twice In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Or Twice | Or Twice Sentence

  • Richard sneezed once or twice.
  • Marjorie had spoken with him once or twice only.
  • Seed you on the road once or twice.
  • We brought him over once or twice.
  • Once or twice he shivered.
  • She coughed once or twice.
  • He had tried it once or twice before.
  • I had had to try that once or twice.
  • I saw him once or twice.
  • Apply once or twice a day.
  • Once or twice he cried out.
  • That was what had happened once or twice before.
  • Just up and down the block once or twice?
  • There were parts of it he had only been in once or twice.
  • Once or twice he had seen it done.
  • Cynthia glanced at him once or twice before she spoke.
  • These happen once or twice a week.
  • I divided among them once or twice.
  • Last year he had been tried once or twice.
  • I happened to see her once or twice.
  • Once or twice it looked up from its occupation.
  • I met her once or twice afterward.
  • Once or twice he made a note.
  • Once or twice he glanced cunningly at me.
  • The farmer gulped once or twice.
  • Once or twice her eyes sought his.
  • He has tried once or twice to smooth her down.
  • He walked up and down the room once or twice.
  • He had fussed in once or twice before during the morning.
  • Treat once or twice a day until relief appears.
  • This should be done once or twice a day with regularity.
  • Once or twice he stirred with a suggestion of impatience.
  • Once or twice he awoke and started up in alarm.
  • He nearly got up once or twice and sat down again.
  • Once or twice we are enveloped in sheets of flame.

How To Use Or Twice In A Sentence?

  • She put it on once or twice to see if it became her.
  • Once or twice he paced across the room.
  • Billy had once or twice inadvertently located that wall.
  • Once or twice he thought of going away.
  • Once or twice she looked wildly over her shoulder.
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