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  • The oratorio is divided into three parts.
  • It is far more difficult than recital or oratorio singing.
  • The oratorio opens with an overture representing chaos.
  • This was the production of his first oratorio in England.
  • Italian oratorio composers, 15 Ives, 328.
  • The oratorio of "Saul" was written by Handel in 1738.
  • Some idea of the oratorio in its infancy may be gained from this description.
  • He laid down lines that have been followed in the oratorio ever since.
  • The concerts were crushers, but the first oratorio was decidedly a break down.
  • Keep the parts of the Oratorio beside you till you can have it performed.
  • In the oratorio of Handel they became the very life and soul of the work.
  • Laura Guidiccioni's first oratorio text.
  • While Handel was writing in England, the oratorio languished in Germany.
  • In 1835 he completed his great oratorio of "St. Paul," for Leipsic.

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  • It is by these choruses that the oratorio is essentially distinguished from the opera.
  • I think that this oratorio is the most beloved of any by children and child-like souls.
  • The solo parts in the oratorio are always short and of a reflective character.
  • What may be the next step in the evolution of the oratorio it were difficult to estimate.
  • He was also immensely in demand as a recital and as an oratorio singer and as a dramatic reader.
  • The oratorio was received with enthusiasm, and was repeated three times during that year.
  • The next number, as the oratorio is now performed, is one which has been introduced.
  • The last four airs and the final chorus took more time than a whole oratorio usually occupied.
  • He invited Spohr to assume its direction and to write an oratorio for the occasion.
  • It concerns the selection of a subject of an oratorio which I intend to begin next winter.
  • The oratorio is divided into a prologue and three parts, the Latin text being used throughout.
  • Although these were printed (all the rest of the oratorio was sung and played from MS.
  • I should like to have a new oratorio for the Duesseldorf Festival in 1839 ...
  • The oratorio opens in the vineyard of Sulam as the Vine-dressers come forth to their labor.
  • M. Bochsa some years afterwards produced "Mose" as an oratorio in London, and it failed.
  • Notwithstanding his delight with the performance, he was not satisfied with the oratorio as a whole.
  • You are either on the wrong track or you have not the natural qualifications which lead to success on the concert and oratorio stage.
  • People imagine that the opera requires a higher kind of vocal preparation than the concert or oratorio stage.
  • He called J. S. Bach the "father of music," and seemed to know every oratorio worthy of the name.
  • His failure as an operatic composer is due in part to the same causes which constituted his success in oratorio and cantata.
  • There are probably twenty large symphony orchestras and at least one hundred oratorio societies of size.
  • The oratorio in its modern form is a musical setting of a sacred story or text in a style more or less dramatic.
  • He also observes that this oratorio is the first work in which the proper sharps and flats are generally placed at the clef.
  • Haydn carried the poem home, and later on conceived the idea of writing an oratorio on the subject.
  • The oratorio is written for three solo voices (Jesus, Peter, and a Seraph), chorus, and orchestra.
  • Meanwhile, the work of composition made slow progress, and the fate of the oratorio was decidedly precarious.

Definition of Oratorio

(music) A musical composition, often based on a religious theme; similar to opera but with no costume, scenery or acting.
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