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  • Nor did the enraged orators confine themselves to the internal administration of the town.
  • By what fatality does it happen that all the most eloquent orators are on its slavish side?
  • His ears were deaf to the impassioned words of all and several of the orators of the evening.
  • He was one of the most learned men and one of the greatest orators of his time.
  • They occupied seats directly opposite the stand erected for the orators of the day.
  • They do not sing as well as their northern cousins, but they produce orators of no mean ability.
  • He had a serene, captivating manner in court, and was one of the foremost orators of his time.
  • These, it is needless to say, were exaggerated in scores of speeches by orators of the League.
  • Of all speakers and orators I ever knew or heard of, he has used the file the least.
  • They would allow, says Cicero, in their orators no violation of purity or elegance of language.
  • The orators of Greece and Rome brought their genius to bear directly on the popular mind.
  • Neither were the works of the ancient philosophers and orators omitted in the sphere of his studies.
  • All the great orators of the world have been prolific writers in the sense of writing out their thoughts.
  • Most of our orators since have killed their own influence by fanatical clinging to some partisan cause.
  • Sulla was so much dreaded that none of the more conspicuous orators of the time were willing to undertake the task.
  • Every one of those hundred orators is to me a more fearful thought than that of a hundred men gathering samphire.
  • They find orators and poets who tell them that they have grievances, so long as they have unsatisfied desires.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Orators | Orators Sentence

  • Of orators there were a plenty.
  • No orators are pathetic.
  • Negro orators and their orations.
  • They are the true orators of the hour.
  • It is not orators who are wanted in this country.
  • Nearly all great orators have been fine talkers.
  • Here are four orators disputing for the platform.
  • He was one of the most classic orators of the century.
  • Vehement orators held forth from every balcony.
  • All through the week chosen orators wrestled in vain.
  • But one or two gifted orators will have to take the road.
  • Always provided the press and orators would keep quiet.
  • He became known as one of the foremost orators of his day.
  • What were the choicest orators compared with Paul?
  • Demosthenes; the other and inferior orators of Greece.
  • Flights of orators are despatched to points where they are needed.
  • But this is not the kind of reprisal which indurated orators demand.
  • In an age of great orators he stands out among the very foremost.
  • The poets, the philosophers, the artists and the orators still speak.
  • One can quite realise the use the Irish orators would make of that.
  • I believe there are two-year-old orators in the Congregational Sunday school.
  • Rhett and Yancey of Alabama, and the great orators make the souls of men leap.
  • Lord Chatham and Burke are the nearest approaches to orators in England.

Definition of Orators

plural of orator
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