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  • She was in the orchard behind the plum-tree.
  • I climbed the orchard wall and looked along the shore.
  • A sunny sloping hillside is best suited to orchard crops.
  • The sun had crossed the peach orchard slowly, breathlessly.
  • Edward Cotton was succeeded by William Orchard in 1608.
  • I have my orchard on a southwest slope with perfect air drainage.
  • At a slow pace they drove through the peach orchard into the desert.
  • Down in the far corner of the orchard stood an old apple tree.
  • The oriole has come to the orchard again, the wren to the grape arbor.
  • The last of the new-tasting bough apples lie in the orchard grass.
  • Frost nipped the gardens, and summer vanished entirely from orchard and field.
  • Clarence said, looking towards the nice orchard and field beyond.
  • Some day it may produce well in orchard form if trees become available.
  • Somewhere out in an orchard the May-blooms smelled altogether too white.
  • The silent orchard aisles are sweet With smell of ripening fruit.
  • The study in Orchard House was the real center of the household.
  • Along its rails upgrew the greatest orchard industry in the United States.
  • Sweetly along the Salem road Bloom of orchard and lilac showed.
  • Mr. Alcott practically rebuilt Orchard House for his own family.

How To Use Orchard In A Sentence?

  • In an incredibly short time he was entering the peach orchard that surrounded the ranch-house.
  • In the rectory orchard close by is the "columbarium," or all that is left of it.
  • When the Alcotts moved into Orchard House, the girls painted and papered the interior themselves.
  • The Old Manse looked much the same, and so did the Wayside and the Orchard House.
  • Some of its limbs were dead and the rest of it was so covered with orchard moss that it seemed gray with age.
  • About the house itself was a clearing of a few acres, with a little orchard on the slope behind the house.
  • Rabbits injure trees in the same way, often during the winter ruining an entire orchard in this manner.
  • Worms that infest fruit can be checked for the following year by fall plowing in the orchard and by destroying the decayed fruit as it falls.
  • I think that many of us are overlooking the fact that air drainage and location of the orchard is one of the main things.
  • I shall always feel that the man who bought that orchard did it just for me, although of course he has never heard of me.
  • There was one apple-tree in the orchard which he specially remembered; he had noticed it in the spring with its wealth of pink-white blossoms.
  • Whilst Sir William Godolphin and Parson Orchard were both Puritans, they were both loyalists.
  • The Confederates knew every hill and ravine as though they were the orchard and the fishing creek of their own homes.
  • He was beginning to feel alarmed when he saw two little bare feet slowly waving back and forth above the tall orchard grass.
  • After the first ten years you may find a seedling orchard is going to produce a very good crop, tree by tree.
  • There was sickness among the sheep and the pigs; and the standing crop in his great orchard was sold to a middleman for a quarter the usual price.
  • They lie, dull red, by the orchard fence in the early snow, their blunt expression revealing no secrets.
  • The robin in the apple orchard is hardly to be seen among the red-fruited boughs from which the first Astrakhans are dropping.
  • The small size of the orchard makes it possible for the owner properly to care for every tree, and each one must be made a source of profit.
  • They were so deeply engaged that Keith hastily withdrew and, making a detour, passed around the orchard to the house.
  • And the back path through the orchard to Farmer Burton's; how well she remembered it.

Definition of Orchard

A garden or an area of land for the cultivation of fruit or nut trees. | The trees themselves cultivated in such an area.
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