Orchids In A Sentence

Definition of Orchids

plural of orchid

How To Use Orchids In A Sentence?

  • Even if all these orchids died to-night yet their beauty is an indestructible memory.
  • I will sit and watch the sun go down on the orchids till it is gone and all their colours fade.
  • And we see the most lovely orchids here; Dorothy thought them the most beautiful of all.
  • Once Garry had barked at him for sending orchids to a girl or two whom Brian liked.
  • Why are the genera of Palms and of Orchids in almost every case confined to one hemisphere?
  • Across the way from us there is a fine lawn leading up to a beautiful greenhouse full of rare orchids and other plants.
  • Overhanging roofs nearly touch above blooming orchids and talking birds that scream across the narrow streets.
  • Nigel observed that the group of orchids was abundant, but a large proportion of the species had small inconspicuous flowers.
  • She had a large bouquet of orchids in her corsage, which she quickly removed, and placed the violets there instead.
  • The twisted spikes of these little orchids are interesting, because their ranks remain so clearly defined as they wind about the stem.
  • The finest and newest orchids had been brought out of their houses, and the dinner-table looked like a tropical forest in little.
  • He was at home upon every subject, from orchids to steam-ploughs, from ordnance to light literature.
  • Amongst them may be mentioned the beautiful orchids called "air plants," and the familiar mistletoe.
  • She carried in one hand a large bunch of mauve orchids and wore an abundance of chains and coarse, bizarre jewelry.
  • Approaching our destination, we skirt around a marshy watercourse abloom with yellow flags, orchids and gay pink campion.
  • Joan was wearing, as she usually wore nowadays, an odd shade of blue, very much the color of the orchids at her waist.
  • On the banks by the lake the orchids are out, many, many pale bee-orchids standing clear from the short grass over the lake.
  • In the flower display are the most rare and exquisite orchids growing jest as common there as weeds along the Jonesville road.
  • Here the musky odour of the tiger-coloured orchids met them, with the effect, as it seemed, of a presence rather than a scent.
  • Consequently, the deepest nectaried Orchids and the longest tongued moths would each confer on the other an advantage in the battle of life.
  • She was shown in a French bonnet, a bunch of orchids at her waist, standing behind a perfumery counter.
  • The orchids that blaze on it are like Tyrian ships, all rich with purple of that wonderful fish; they have even dyed their sails with it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Orchids | Orchids Sentence

  • Work up orchids and eyeglass.
  • The orchids reconciled me.
  • At the orchids we were contemptuously sniffy.
  • The orchids were not allowed to appear.
  • She had put the orchids beside her.
  • Can you say that the orchids are not beautiful now?
  • Did orchids grow on the lawn?
  • There were roses and violets and orchids in profusion.
  • Are not the jungle orchids a wonder and a glory?
  • Mabel will confine her ambition to orchids and literature.
  • The orchids seemed to suggest absorbing reflections.
  • The orchids of Birmingham are yellow.
  • But one of our orchids (the Bee orchis) is self-fertilized.
  • The hotel was almost overgrown with orchids and lush tropical creepers.
  • He often relents at sunset; he looks out over the orchids in the evening.
  • The musky scent of the orchids had a word to say in the matter too, no doubt.
  • But the roses and orchids they sent were never to be seen by Anne Thorpe.
  • Mr. Van Dyke, above the only bunch of orchids in the theatre.

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