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  • Possibly alien cultures whom his superior genius for organizing would enable him to dominate.
  • And this is why he was regarded as the civilizing and organizing deity of the Aztecs.
  • Many believe that war accomplishes work in the world; war is a great organizing force.
  • I think, though, before organizing we had better see and invite some of the other neighbors.
  • As quickly as a group in any trade seems ready for organizing the League helps them.
  • It's going to be too much for us to handle alone; we're organizing a company to do it.
  • Its history should be an enduring tribute to American courage and American organizing genius.
  • How did the god of the heavens become the organizing god, the supreme God, the moral God?
  • Besides, all the others were strangers to me except young Mr. Haynes, who was organizing the hunt.
  • Such is the supreme God of the Vedic religion, an organizing God, almighty, omniscient, and moral.
  • We have seen that the bourgeoisie is incapable of organizing the division of the booty amongst its own ranks without war and destruction.
  • When he started organizing in earnest, the first major development was the admittance en bloc of a small secret society.
  • Again they talked of organizing coercion gangs, to enforce the order on the barbers, under threat of wrecking their shops.
  • A local committee was formed, of which the vicar was at the head, for the management of the funds, and for organizing a body of nurses.
  • For several years I devoted all my energies very successfully to selling the stock and organizing colonies of settlers.
  • But the French general showed no sign of organizing the liberal government which they so earnestly desired and fully expected.
  • In 1893 he was sought out by a man who was organizing a concert company and who engaged Paul to go along as reader.
  • To be sure, they had not yet had among them men of executive and organizing minds, but the fulness of years had now brought this latter privilege.
  • Mr. Virgil has done some remarkable things in the way of organizing and systematizing technical requirements, and for this we owe him much.
  • On him fell the enormous task of organizing the masses of troops already pouring into Sardis, and he discharged his duty unwearyingly.
  • He had an abundance of intellect, great shrewdness, vast will force, and organizing power, but not much ideality or imagination.
  • Captain Cone now came to Paris and plunged into the work of organizing naval aviation with all his usual vigour.
  • Quimbleton, therefore, found a receptive audience for his Spartacus scheme of organizing this band of downtrodden victims into a fighting force.
  • An organizing principle not belonging to their kingdom lays hold of them and elaborates them until they have correspondences with the kingdom to which the organizing principle belonged.
  • Fremont was superseded by Halleck, and for the next two months Grant was employed in organizing and drilling troops.
  • And Honor not to be beaten, collected subscriptions, sent out invitations, and threw herself heartily into the task of organizing a good time.
  • If there is any doubt concerning this, reflect for a moment on the possibility of organizing a community on a basis of the vices instead of the virtues.
  • Washington took command of the American army at Cambridge, he was faced with the great task of organizing it and of forming a plan of campaign.
  • This case presents a specimen of the perplexities and troubles in which the prince was involved during the winter, while organizing his expedition and preparing to set out in the spring.
  • On the 12th he was at Lons-le-Saulnier, organizing his troops, and writing to the minister of war for ammunition and horses.
  • Federal Reserve act, organizing the banking system and stabilizing the currency, December 23, 1913.
  • He told us he had for several days been considering the possibility of organizing the three or four hundred officers, and the five to ten thousand soldiers.
  • That form of imagination, creating and organizing social groups, manifests itself in various degrees according to the tendency and power of creators.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Organizing | Organizing Sentence

  • How does this planning and organizing go on?
  • What was my ideal in organizing such associations?
  • Creatures who are organizing the planet to battle us?
  • So I began organizing our resources.
  • He's organizing some new companies.
  • The stress of organizing and founding these great works is practically over.
  • The next morning, they began organizing work-gangs and setting up committees.

Definition of Organizing

present participle of organize | The act or process by which something is organized.
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