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  • Susy is mistaken as to the origin of the ducks.
  • The origin of this name shall presently be explained.
  • Hussey, origin of name, 6.
  • Swinton, origin of name, 241.
  • Baird, origin of name, 241.
  • The Origin of the Fable is this.
  • The origin of the drama was in and with the religion of the human race.
  • The records are quite silent as to the origin of his tenure of office.
  • The origin of the fire was no longer a mystery, but there were other things.

How To Use Origin In A Sentence?

  • The inquiry as to the origin of the skull now assumed a real and tangible form.
  • Proverbial expressions and familiar phrases of literary origin require no quotation marks.
  • It seems evident therefore that the former owe their origin to a different hand than the latter.
  • Over the years, folk lore and tales had formed about their origin and formation.
  • The Arabs name it the seraph, and indeed, that is the origin of its now best-known English name.
  • Leibnitz has certainly committed a very great oversight in this attempt to account for the origin of evil.
  • With these it is self-evident that any proof by experiment of a common origin is wholly impossible.
  • And here again we find ourselves involved in as much difficulty and uncertainty as when inquiring into the origin of the society itself.
  • As will, the mind is aware that it is the author of its own conclusions, the origin of its self-fulfilment.
  • Hence this persuasion not to busy ourselves about the origin or cause of virtue and vice, but to estimate them according to their nature.
  • The problem of the origin and nature of consciousness is only a special case of the general problem of the connection of matter and force.
  • Specialists declare that the reason for all great singers coming from lowly origin is found in this early development of the muscles of the throat.
  • It remains, before proceeding to a description of these tribunals, to give some account of the origin of their name.
  • We have many objections to this mode of explaining the origin of moral evil, some few of which we shall proceed to state.
  • The origin of this program, which was eventually to become the basis of the peace treaty, is still a matter of conjecture.
  • Perhaps the reader knows that Tintoretto in the National Gallery, the Origin of the Milky Way.
  • In the preceding part, we considered the doctrine of predestination, under the name of necessity, in its relation to the origin of evil.
  • He there says, that the virtuousness of every virtuous act or choice depends upon its own nature, and not upon its origin or cause.
  • There was a custom however, connected with this impost, the origin of which I should be glad to learn.
  • All the marked events of our day, all the cities, all the colonizations, may be traced back to their origin in a private brain.
  • To me it seemed almost like sacrilege, in face of that pure and holy calm, to entertain for one moment a doubt of the origin of her mission.
  • The very origin of the title of a Bishop is that of an astronomical seer, a looker-out or overseer of the subordinate offices of science.
  • In the foregoing chapters we have discussed the origin and the more important applications of the Monroe Doctrine.
  • The main reason is, says he, because we imagine that the essence of virtue and vice consists, not in their nature, but in their origin and cause.
  • Thus disappeared the only independent monarchy of European origin which ever existed on American soil.
  • His own account of its origin was that each Sura, or revelation, was brought to him from heaven by the angel Gabriel.
  • In this way, the difficulties concerning the origin and existence of evil have been greatly augmented by the very speculations designed to solve them.
  • This Hussey is of English origin and was formerly a cattle-dealer, and practised usury as far back as 1845.
  • Whether belief in this origin of the Kiang is orthodox, or merely a local superstition, I do not know.
  • It probably took its origin from the custom of erecting stone pillars as a memorial, and consecrating them as altars on any extraordinary event or occasion.
  • The granite bowl masquerading as a stoup in the porch is not of ecclesiastical origin at all; its original use was evidently for grinding corn in primitive times.

Definition of Origin

The beginning of something. | The source of a river, information, goods, etc. | (mathematics) The point at which the axes of a coordinate system intersect.
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