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  • This did not originate sneezing.
  • Did the rainbow originate in this way?
  • New concepts originate only through experience.
  • They all originate from one and the same spirit.
  • It may originate in various causes.
  • These names never originate by any recognized authority.
  • These nerve impulses originate in the motor nerve centers.
  • They did not originate on Earth.
  • In it originate all knavery, perjury, and fraud.
  • All primal struggles originate with the daughters of Eve.
  • These four kinds of love originate from God.
  • The band, I am aware, did not originate with Puddleford.
  • At the same time he must originate and work out things for himself.
  • It is impossible in thought to originate or annihilate the universe.
  • The sound seemed to originate from the direction of the street.
  • As a rule advertisements originate with the department managers.
  • As to the region whence they originate something can be made out already.
  • It was compelled to originate methods and prove them by the test of time.
  • How many of children's epidemics originate in these!
  • A vessel of rectangular outline might originate in wood or bark.
  • Mind does not originate ideas, neither does sensation impart them.
  • They originate in great numbers in every child that learns to speak.
  • Whatever he may lawfully originate he may lawfully endeavor to accomplish.
  • He must originate and prescribe certain remedies to suit certain cases.
  • Practically all bills originate from one of the following causes: 1.
  • Those originate deeds of blood, and begin bad impulses to men.
  • It takes a man, though, to originate and carry through all this.

How To Use Originate In A Sentence?

  • Nothing but the rankest faction could originate an opposition to his beneficent administration.
  • If she could picture it in her own mind, why should he not be able to originate it in his.
  • As sin did not originate by his permission, so it does not continue by his sufferance.
  • The poet seemed to originate some of the songs, but they had others that were handed down.
  • He may have unearthed this illustrative point; certain it is he did not originate it.
  • It is inevitable that all movements directed against the established errors of communities originate with men more or less fanatical in spirit.
  • For as the latter languages originated from the Roman, just so do these originate from the Malay.
  • Every individual must have a right to originate what afterwards is to become the act of the majority.
  • It is supposed to originate from the cold damp airs which are very prevalent at this time of the season.
  • Whenever governors originate anything of themselves, it is as men and not as governors, that they do so.
  • The same writer entertains the belief that about one third of all the consumptions originate from weakness of the abdominal belts.
  • Spiritual beings must originate and be sustained by laws as fixed and unchanging as those which govern the physical world.
  • How marvelous too must be the alliance they form with those vivacious passions which originate the principal actions of our lives!

Definition of Originate

(transitive) To cause to be, to bring into existence; to produce, initiate. [from 17th c.] | (intransitive) To come into existence; to have origin or beginning; to spring, be derived (from, with). [from 18th c.]
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