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  • Where he originated is not known.
  • So originated the no-breakfast plan.
  • I originated the idea of song words for the dancers.
  • I believe it originated from nothing but cause and effect.
  • The idea originated with you, of course.
  • That measure originated in the House of Representatives.
  • Manitoba which had originated in Harbin, Manchuria.
  • The two first originated the principle of spinning by rollers.
  • We now come to songs originated by the present generation of negroes.
  • Thus had originated many a blood feud enduring through many generations.
  • He originated the bear dance which still exists among the tribe of Pawnees.
  • Under these conditions the National Union movement originated in 1892.
  • They originated a cry which was like this: "He is doing very well!

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  • Many legends originated from misunderstanding the emblematic character of some pictures.
  • This did not arise from the actual fact that those people originated in another continent.
  • He was never weary of rambling in and about the church, and all his early works originated here.
  • I should add that I cannot claim the credit for having originated the above scheme.
  • Thus, frequently, are results originated which are wholly unlike the cause that gave them birth.
  • Sin, sickness, and death, she says, are beliefs which originated in mortal mind.
  • Of course that is ancestral; it must be in the blood, for I could not have originated it. ...
  • Here, again, as in the case of Mercury and Venus, the appearance has originated the idea.
  • If the idea of bringing them into an ambush originated with him, it was certainly something for him to be proud of.
  • They appear to me to have originated from the aborigines of this country; people who knew no other land.
  • The thing that mainly struck me was his terse remark that the enemy originated the idea of the march to the sea.
  • These remains are chiefly interesting as indications that two of the great leading divisions of the class of fishes originated together.
  • In some of these stories very primitive and savage traits appear, which show that they originated in a rude state of society.
  • Effective influence to the same end has been set in motion, incidentally, by an organization which was originated for a different purpose.
  • That question was, "With whom originated the idea of the march to the sea?
  • Those outsiders are conjectured to have originated in the earlier colonists subdued by the Milesians and reduced to an inferior condition.
  • Nevertheless, she was somewhat soothed, and began to compress the mass of imaginary wrongs into the one little wrong which had originated it all.
  • These stories about the place and manner of Luther's birth originated in the seventeenth century.
  • Meusnier gave a great deal of earnest study and experiment to the dirigible balloon, and he originated a design which was far ahead of his day.
  • Who originated it, no one knew, but it flew from mouth to mouth, and it was not the less grim for the constant repetition.
  • Such a man as Temesvar must know that the brain who originated the attempt at recovery of the draft was still scheming.
  • It was useless to assert that these trances were always originated by Ralph himself, however little in their later stages they had to do with him.
  • If the straight-line designs originated in animal forms, they have now become so conventional that I have not discovered their original form.
  • The trouble originated partly from Mrs. Burton's impulsiveness and want of tact.
  • Their deities are extremely numerous, and are generally supposed to have first originated in Italy and Greece.
  • Under the supervision of the bishop the three deaconesses with whom the order originated were associated in taking charge of an orphanage and boarding-school for girls.
  • The question is, not whether the roots of language originated onomatopoetically or interjectionally, but simply whether they originated through imitation or not.

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simple past tense and past participle of originate
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