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  • He originates the first conception of the sinning act.
  • It perhaps originates in an adjuration of the Virgin Mary.
  • It is given through Christ, but it originates in God.
  • It is the right in which all freedom originates and culminates.
  • In other words, all experience originates from the world organism.
  • Know then, Mistress Peggy Owen, that it originates at headquarters.
  • The difference originates in Paul's own religious experience.

How To Use Originates In A Sentence?

  • It probably originates in the enclosure controversies of the eighteenth century.
  • The curse of slavery originates in the disobedience of slaves, and the cruelty of masters.
  • The scheme of necessity originates in a false method, and terminates in a false religion.
  • The scheme of necessity originates in a false method, and terminates in a false religion.
  • It originates in an undue desire on the part of ministers and church members to strengthen their party.
  • It originates in unemployed libido and replaces the object of love that is lacking by an external object or situation.
  • The second great source of demand originates out of the necessity of making payment for securities purchased abroad.
  • It has been said, that nearly all crime originates in the saloon, but this statement requires discrimination.
  • Let it not be supposed that this originates in any real depravity, or any actual want of honesty, in the mercantile world.
  • And, besides, we have ascertained that it originates in a false method, and terminates in a false religion.
  • When a call originates on any line, either grounded or metallic, the operator does not know which kind of a line is to be called for.
  • This muscle is variously developed, and originates from a small area on the ventral end of the vertebral portion of the last cervical rib.
  • It is, therefore, not the age of the art itself that determines its forms, but the grade and kind of art with which it originates and coexists.
  • Again I should like to deny the truth of the belief that the dream symbol originates in this evasion used for the benefit of children.
  • From one of them originates the mental state which, under certain regulations, leads to volition, or to our willing a certain act.
  • At the same time there is expiration, often loud expiration, and thus originates entirely at random sometimes one sound, sometimes another.
  • The habit of reading without understanding originates mainly in the circumstance that the books put into the hands of children are to them uninteresting.
  • Just how anxiety originates from the libido we do not know; we can only ascertain that the libido is in abeyance, and that we observe anxiety in its place.
  • On the contrary, we now know that every cell does not necessarily originate from a cell, any more than that every organic individual originates from an ovum.
  • In that sense the test of reality is beyond thought, as thought, just as at the other limit thought originates out of a situation which is not reflectional in character.
  • Intellectual organization originates and for a time grows as an accompaniment of the organization of the acts required to realize an end, not as the result of a direct appeal to thinking power.
  • Since then, in the production of your gods, you worship the cross which originates them, here will be the original kernel and grain from which are propagated the wooden materials of your idolatrous images.
  • In the replacement of the lens after removal it arises from the cells of the iris, which form the edge of the optic cup, and this originates in the embryo not from the outer skin but as an outgrowth from the brain.
  • A musical work of art originates in the deep well of the fertile imagination of genius, and can only be drawn forth when the composer is in that highly exalted frame of mind we call inspiration.

Definition of Originates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of originate
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