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  • The origins of segregation.
  • The origins of the Bible.
  • At this point, hymn and prayer origins merge.
  • History, From the Origins to Today 3.
  • The Origins (P) described in Exod.
  • An Exposition of the Phallic Origins of Religion, 1897.
  • It is in the origins of that song that we will start the trail.
  • Likewise in other swallows, both of these origins were found.
  • Crow had never read anything about legend or the origins of belief.
  • Languages afford no sure indication of racial origins or affinities.
  • To elucidate its origins and causes will be the work of many long years.
  • The weakness of vague desire is felt everywhere in the origins of the change.
  • Such an idealism gives us neither a science of origins nor a science of ends.
  • Is it possible to memorise their origins and insertions by my System?
  • The origins of Chinese society may reach half a million years into the past.
  • Nor is it hard to discern the Christian origins of later Romantic poetry.
  • I take it, then, that the origins of "The Bowmen" were composite.

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  • Thus the obscurity in which the divine origins are hidden is natural and inevitable.
  • To anyone interested in the study of origins the symbolic value of the coif is very considerable.
  • Why, indeed, should the origins of mythology be sought elsewhere than in astronomy?
  • Only in the most general terms can I trace the other origins of these present views.
  • Has fetishism one of its origins in the actual field of supernormal experience in the X region?
  • Half a century ago the Ottoman Turks knew almost nothing about their origins or their history.
  • Are the origins of the American civilizations to be sought in the Old World?
  • Also that the origins of Celtic Christendom contained distinctively Greek elements.
  • Elton, Origins of English History, p. 280, and the authorities there quoted.
  • There is surely something very strange in this passion for localizing all origins at some single point of the globe.
  • Participation in water activities was widespread in the ancient world although the earliest origins of this activity are unknown.
  • Now that he was confronted with a real and urgent dilemma, the origins of religion seemed to him to have no meaning or interest.
  • If there is nothing clear and fixed about the emblems of his fame, it is because there was nothing clear and fixed about the origins of it.
  • These two illustrations of faults and their origins by no means exhaust the category of errors which a coach has to detect and to cure.
  • We must not carry back to the origins of sacrifice the meta-physical and moral ideas which did not really appear until much later.
  • So far as things have space-relations, for example, we are free to imagine them with different origins even.
  • The origins of medical theory and practice in this nation extend further than the settlement at Jamestown in 1607.
  • The most serious problems for England have been brought to a head by the war, but are in their origins more fundamental.
  • The French race: theories of its origins and their social and political implications prior to the revolution.
  • This State is the result of a national movement, having its origins within and not without the peoples whose destiny it affects.
  • This practice should be borne in mind when former medical apprentices are found in high offices in Virginia; their origins were not always humble.
  • Differences in the arteries of the thorax between the two families are described by discussing the resulting different origins of the thoracic artery.
  • He believes in a life in the Universe, in a divine order, mysterious and inscrutable in origins and in ends, of which man and society are a part.

Definition of Origins

plural of origin
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