Orville In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Orville | Orville Sentence

  • Orville was tall and straight.
  • Orville looked down again into his yard.
  • Orville closed his eyes.
  • Orville felt cheated.
  • Orville felt fine now.
  • Orville said bitterly.
  • Orville sat back down.
  • Orville faced him firmly.
  • Orville wondered where it came from.
  • Orville looked at his watch.
  • Orville answered kindly.
  • Orville said nothing.
  • Orville was the richest of the three.
  • Orville suddenly felt very drowsy.
  • Orville reached over and jerked his foot.
  • Orville reached for the rings and tried.
  • Orville felt a slight tingle.
  • Orville shined the flashlight around.
  • Orville did not feel like drinking any.
  • Orville turned his face to the wall.
  • Orville noticed both when she entered the car.
  • Orville said nothing after he had greeted her.
  • Orville could understand nothing of it.
  • Orville sat up, tingling.
  • Orville aimed the flashlight at the outer door.
  • Orville balled his fists and stood squarely.
  • Orville had been reaching, trying to touch the ship.
  • Harold giggled and pushed the can to Orville.
  • He held out the cap to Orville.
  • But Orville refused to become excited.
  • Alarmed, Orville looked up.
  • Orville Wright was soon overwhelmed with congratulations.
  • How long should Orville wait before giving up?
  • He snapped off the scope and sat opposite Orville.
  • They started walking toward the house Orville had seen.

How To Use Orville In A Sentence?

  • Wilbur was born in 1867, and Orville in 1871.
  • It really does catch the eye, Orville thought.
  • Orville could see It coming, gently and slowly.
  • Orville couldn't read Harold's handwriting.
  • Then Orville saw it, the edge filling part of the scope.
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