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  • Do not oscillate the saw as you draw it back and forth.
  • Teachers are apt to oscillate between extremes in regard to technical terms.

How To Use Oscillate In A Sentence?

  • With this was united a tendency at times to oscillate to the other extreme of vain-gloriousness.
  • He was drifting along with his gaze fixed on the ducks, when all at once his canoe began to twist and oscillate in a most alarming manner.
  • Marketing housewives with covered baskets oscillate undecidedly from stalls to shops, and put off purchasing to the last possible moment.
  • They often fly with a peculiar quivering movement of the wings, and when at rest some of the species oscillate their tails at short intervals.
  • His gait was a little stiff and oppressively regular, but he went straight ahead, and did not oscillate the least bit.
  • I think I shall take a leaf out of your book and oscillate 'twixt town and country.
  • The beds were delightful for sleeping on, and clean, but one restless sleeper would make the row oscillate in harmony.
  • I saw the tremor shake their bristling hosts, oscillate the great spire, set the faceted disks quivering.
  • The vessel swept past rafts of wood which began to oscillate under the rippling of the waves, or a boat without sails in which a man sat fishing.

Definition of Oscillate

(intransitive) To swing back and forth, especially if with a regular rhythm. | (intransitive) To vacillate between conflicting opinions, etc. | (intransitive) To vary above and below a mean value.
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