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How To Use Osgood In A Sentence?

  • I went to see Osgood lately about his publishing a selection from your tales.
  • Mr. Osgood reached toward the button that summoned his stenographer, and then drew back his hand.
  • And she wished she knew how to get about setting some one on the trail of Art Osgood.
  • Mr. Osgood had been in business in the fire insurance world of Boston for almost half a century.
  • If Art Osgood felt any embarrassment over meeting her, he certainly gave no sign of it.
  • Her only fear was that Art Osgood might have been killed, and his lips closed for all time.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Osgood | Osgood Sentence

  • Art Osgood heard him.
  • How much are you getting now from Osgood?
  • Mr. Osgood reflected for a moment.
  • Silas Osgood was nearing his seventieth year.
  • Mr. Osgood inquired quickly.
  • Mr. Osgood permitted himself a slight smile.
  • Read what Osgood says about Boston.
  • You do know, Art Osgood!
  • Osgood, at Nogales, Mexico.
  • I think Mr. Osgood always rather liked me.
  • She must not let Art Osgood go back across that street.
  • Lite believed Art Osgood was in the Klondyke.
  • James R. Osgood & Co.
  • Microtus (Stenocranius) miurus Osgood Figs.
  • Osgood, Edmund Q. S., 101.
  • Osgood, Samuel, edits DeWette, 116.
  • Osgood, McIlvaine and Company, 1896, 8vo.
  • Osgood, McIlvaine and Company, 1895, 16mo.
  • Osgood, McIlvaine and Company, 1894, 2 vols.
  • R. Osgood & Co., Boston, 1874.
  • Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1884.
  • Boston: J. R. Osgood & Co.
  • Osgood of Boston.
  • Art Osgood!
  • Osgood, $5.00.
  • Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1884, 16mo.
  • Mr. Osgood pointed to the scrawl at the foot of the framed commission.
  • Art Osgood stared, while his cheeks darkened with the flush of confusion.
  • E.C. Osgood, 14 First Ave., Montpelier.
  • Mr. Osgood, who felt considerable doubt as to this innocent limitation, rose.
  • OSGOOD, W. H. 1909.
  • After all, the Osgood office was not the only good agency in Boston.
  • In the hum of conversation Mr. Osgood turned to his junior partner.
  • You will have Dodo all to yourself when we get down to Osgood Hall.
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