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  • A broad, flat, ossified prepollex is present but does not project as a spine.

How To Use Ossified In A Sentence?

  • So that it might have been present in a fossil animal without being ossified and preserved.
  • When these membranous folds become ossified or ruptured, the blood regurgitates, and causes great distress in breathing.
  • The baculum of this species figured by Ognev (1950:461) differs in having lateral ossified processes, and a more rounded base of the stalk.
  • Or, on the other hand, would the ossified discipline and set rules of a school have shamed him into smirking mediocrity and reduced his native genius to neutral salts?
  • With those characters are correlated the comparatively short bones which correspond to the back of the hand termed metacarpals, and the tail is long, and stiffened down its length with ossified tendons.

Definition of Ossified

Having undergone the process of ossification (transformation into bone). | (of ideas or attitudes) Inflexible, old-fashioned. | (Ireland, US, slang) Drunk

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