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  • He became more and more proud and ostentatious every day.
  • All were armed, the women ostentatious of their poignards.
  • He is the least ostentatious singer I know of.
  • But there should be no ostentatious or pedantic show of erudition.
  • His friends surely will raise to him no ostentatious tombstone or statue.
  • Publicly they might pretend a proper and ostentatious horror of corruption.
  • She dropped into a chair and leaned her head back with ostentatious weariness.
  • The butler retired, moving with a sort of ostentatious rectitude.
  • He turned away, his shoulders shaking with ostentatious mirth.
  • This is the soul of Mumming; the ostentatious secrecy of men in disguise.

How To Use Ostentatious In A Sentence?

  • No member is to make an unnecessary or ostentatious display of wealth or valuables.
  • A quoter is either ostentatious of his acquirements, or doubtful of his cause.
  • He might have been some mechanical figure, he endured so stolidly her ostentatious curiosity.
  • It aims not at an ostentatious display of principles, but at a steady exhibition of fruits.
  • Where the friends are able to pay the expense, the last rites are ostentatious and very costly.
  • He shoved it under the seat, and over it he draped a sheepskin kaross with ostentatious carelessness.
  • The ostentatious mummery of these mock ceremonies would cause a smile but for the frightful tragedy with which they were to close.
  • When she was in the hall he shut the door, and bolted and locked it with a somewhat ostentatious care.
  • Another was rendering ostentatious but ineffectual aid, and three or four others danced about in their pyjamas.
  • The ostentatious and wretched hotels depressed her; the poor railroads and bad manners disgusted her.
  • What is the earth, with all her ostentatious scenes, compared with this astonishingly grand furniture of the skies?
  • These dinners, formal as they were, are to be distinguished carefully from the extravagant banquets of the ostentatious rich.
  • There was never in his career any ostentatious display of power, never any exercise of wanton or unnecessary authority.
  • He came into the carriage, bringing a rather ostentatious looking case of instruments and roll of bandages.
  • It's not at all pretty of you to correct your mother in that ostentatious manner, and don't let it occur again.
  • The dog is nosing around the room, not in any ostentatious kind of way and not getting himself noticed at all by the other three in the game.
  • For such a purpose frees a man from trouble,+ and warfare, and all artifice and ostentatious display.
  • She sat eating cup-cake delicately, but with an ostentatious relish, to prove the robustness of her state.
  • The priest looked up, but remained seated, and went on reading his prayer-book with an air of ostentatious indifference.
  • Hardly a minute elapsed before the Jew was back again, carrying his precious steelyard with ostentatious care.
  • This law could never have been rigidly enforced, for much gloomy and ostentatious pomp obtained in the larger towns even to our own day.
  • They have therefore chosen a selfish, flattering, seductive, ostentatious vice, in the place of plain duty.
  • Her ostentatious progress through the East hardly seems in keeping with the spirit of Christian humility.
  • Then I was introduced, and received with great distinction, but yet without any ostentatious flourish of courtesy.
  • On to Flanders he journeyed and found Charles in the midst of the ostentatious magnificence already described.
  • The temptations to such a course were indeed strong; and the Spaniards, by their ostentatious display, materially assisted in their own ruin.
  • It was decided that the scandal of an ostentatious friendship between a boycotted man and a cat that was unquestionably possessed by the devil must be ended.
  • He called on Mrs. Higginbotham, whose bronchial tubes had by this time become less ostentatious in their behaviour.
  • My son had an undisguised dislike to any ostentatious display of religious sentiment and phraseology, particularly on the part of those who were not teachers by calling.
  • The choir were accommodated near the American organ at which Mrs. Fox presided with ostentatious skill.

Definition of Ostentatious

Of ostentation. | Intended to attract notice. | Of tawdry display; kitsch.
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