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  • I was sitting up at night knitting socks for the other kids.
  • We fights fer de other kids."
  • "Other kids does."
  • "Won't the other kids open their eyes, though, when they hear this ol'

How To Use Other Kids In A Sentence?

  • I was sitting on the steps with the other kids when someone threw a lighted punk (used to light firecrackers, etc.) into the basket.
  • But other kids picked on us so that I thought I'd better be a boy as well as Ralph.
  • Of course, there's Mother Molloy, up alley, where I stay sometimes, with the other kids.
  • In the wink of an eye there was a raging hundred of them, top and bottom, ripping and tearing each other, kids and squaws tumbling which way, and the camp gone wild.
  • When he heard what had happened, he told Hugh to fetch the boy along; and also the two other kids; he'd have them home in a jiffy, for it was less than a mile to town.
  • I let the other kids have Castle's work; when that guy travels east I always go west."
  • "Say, we'll lick the life out of you, the same as we did them other kids," shouted Reddy.
  • "I'm going to let you stand right up on the platform with the little lady midget--her name's 'Pitty Sing'--and show all the other kids how much bigger you are than a grown-up lady.

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