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  • But there are other kinds of lies.
  • Curliness is reported in other kinds of trees.
  • Then she tried the other kinds of nests.
  • Many other kinds of nuts and seeds were also eaten.
  • But there are other kinds of fire; and better.
  • And being itself may be said to be other than the other kinds.
  • There are several other kinds of crosses besides those in churchyards.
  • But with all his work and study he found time for some other kinds of activity.
  • It is used for making castings and in the manufacture of other kinds of iron.
  • There are many other kinds of woods which are also used for the above purposes.
  • Poor people are not all honest, any more than other kinds of people are.
  • Some kinds of woody plants are very much hardier than are other kinds.
  • The anglers carried their spoil with them, perch and other kinds.
  • Of course there were other kinds of business in which prominent men took part.
  • More trees of other kinds appeared; the forest was growing richer!
  • All other kinds of large beasts known to man inhabit these obscure retreats.
  • They are also amphibicuss, besides several other kinds ov cuss.
  • There are three other kinds of Raphiolepis in cultivation, viz.
  • The concept of cabbage embraces red, white, and many other kinds of cabbage.

How To Use Other Kinds In A Sentence?

  • The terminals again are much less expensive than those of most other kinds of conveyors.
  • They are not fond of fish and seldom eat them if they can procure other kinds of food.
  • The battalions were formed and sent to the roads and other kinds of hard labour.
  • The yew trees were trimmed into peacocks and lions and other kinds of birds and beasts.
  • The tall hickory and other kinds of walnut trees had now their fruit half grown.
  • Mocha coffee is in smaller berries than other kinds, and its flavour is extremely fine.
  • Besides the apple-trees, there are various other kinds of fruit in close vicinity to the house.
  • Late lilies bloomed by the roadside with flowers of other kinds, of whose names he was ignorant.
  • Banbury manufactures horse girths and other kinds of webbing, as well as excellent ale.
  • She had seen nine women who wished to do all other kinds of work, but none to fit her wants.
  • All other kinds of matter are to be explained as mixtures, in various proportions, of these four.
  • The bacteria, like other kinds of living organisms, possess a definite form and shape.
  • These are not important (except for sale), as so many fruits of other kinds are usually abundant.
  • The air of Anaximenes, of its own inherent power, transforms itself into other kinds of matter.
  • But if I took it for a profession, she made me promise to see some other kinds of life first.
  • Shagbark can be put on, I suppose, ten other kinds of hickory, but the pecan can not.
  • It is larger and fiercer than the other kinds, and is found only in South America.
  • Anything you may do to supply this and other kinds of information about nut trees will be appreciated.
  • Other kinds of sweetmeats are sometimes rendered poisonous by being coloured with preparations of copper.
  • Even in the purest element there is still a certain admixture of particles of other kinds of matter.
  • It is interesting to notice how among these seafaring people weather-lore predominates over all other kinds.

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