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  • But more of them belonged to other organizations than were members of the Klan.
  • The Grange and other organizations keep their attention on current problems.
  • He was a member of the Authors Club, and several other organizations.
  • The Engineers' Brotherhood was not loved by other organizations.

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  • But a large scale conversion into other formats is handed over to other organizations.
  • They introduce us to the human form, of which all other organizations appear to be degradations.
  • Of course all other organizations in Homestead could use what tongues they pleased.
  • The society had dispossessed all other organizations, but had no organization of its own adequate to the working out of a successful rebellion.
  • Other organizations whose object is the moral elevation of the employees have united the different social circles by strong ties of sympathy.
  • Out of this serious attention to the needs of the farmer other organizations were to arise and to build upon the foundations laid by the Grange.
  • Autocracies, aristocracies, theocracies, and all other organizations for holding political power, have exhibited only the same line of action.
  • West Indian life at present is segregated into little cliques and rings, represented by churches, lodges, dancing clubs, and other organizations.
  • The conductors disliked it, and it had made itself offensive to the firemen because of its persistent refusal to federate or affiliate in any manner with other organizations having similar aims and objects.
  • He divided the city into districts, which were placed under the control of military men, who were directed to organize the citizens; and 3,000 stands of arms were issued to these and other organizations.
  • I have known something about work and the spirit of good work in other organizations of various sorts; but I never saw one work in better spirit than this.
  • The Authors Club idea of a watch night meeting has been borrowed by a number of other organizations, but I think in none of them has it become so well recognized an event of the year.
  • These employees made a business of joining as many social clubs, labor and other organizations as possible and swinging the business in Gottlieb's direction.
  • Several other organizations, some of them national in scope, had interested themselves in this problem, but our country seemed slow to appreciate the necessity of making true Americans from these various racial groups at the earliest possible moment.
  • Buried beneath the earth by tiny nightly sextons, sunk beneath the waters, dissolved into the air, or distilled again and again as food for other organizations,--all have had their swift resurrection.
  • They pledged themselves to look after the comfort of the migrants in every way possible, urged them to join the churches and other organizations for improvement, and send their children to the schools, and to utilize the libraries, night schools and other agencies of culture which were denied them in the South.
  • Alongside of more conspicuous political organizations devoted mainly to political propaganda, other organizations have been quietly developing all over India whose chief purpose it is to grapple with social, religious, and economic problems which are not, or need not necessarily be, in any way connected with politics.
  • They would hold meetings on the streets of McKeesport in spite of him; give him a few hundred test court cases to handle, and finally find out whether the A. F. of L. is entitled to the same rights as other organizations.
  • In the North, however, they were not generally connected with the unions mainly for the reason that, excepting the hod carriers, teamsters, asphalt and cement workers and a few other organizations of unskilled laborers, they were not found in any occupation in sufficient numbers to necessitate being seriously considered by organized labor.
  • Evil disposed troops of other organizations raided the fences every night, and the troops nearest at hand, the sharp shooters, were required to rebuild them every day; and in this manner they passed the time until the 26th of November, when the army broke camp and crossed the Rapidan at several points simultaneously.
  • To these extracts were appended the following: We, the undersigned, endorse the action of the Master Masons and other organizations of Builders and agree to use our best endeavors to bring about a resumption of building operations based on the Code of Principles at the head of this paper.
  • In what I say of the first regiment, I must not be understood to lessen the fame of the other ten regiments and other organizations that Minnesota sent to the war, all of which, with the exception of the Third, made for themselves records of gallantry and soldierly conduct, which Minnesota will ever hold in the highest esteem.
  • He was beset, he told me at the time, by a great fear that the club might go the way of other organizations with which he was connected; that it might lose its character as an association of authors in sympathy with each other's work and aspirations, and become merely an agency of fashion, a giver of banquets and receptions at which men should be always on dress parade.
  • The women of the churches and many other organizations for many long weary years have been bailing out the troughs of human misery with their little pails; their children's shelters, day nurseries, homes for friendless girls, relief boards, and innumerable public and private charities; but the big taps of intemperance and ignorance and greed are running night and day.
  • Part II MEMBERSHIP This Organization is Non-Sectarian and Non-Political Any girl over ten years old may become a Girl Scout and she may belong to other organizations at the same time.
  • As to Mrs. Stockton's charming pen, we must reluctantly refrain from noticing her many essays and writings in various directions, principally prepared at the request of literary societies and other organizations,--always read by some one else, owing to the writer's great dislike for coming into public notice, and always published, and sent about, by the Society or group of people for whom they were written.
  • Ten miles to the south, near the mouth of the Calumet River, where that ore-boat was turning in, the "Johnson Cubs" and the "South Side Stars" and other organizations of boys, principally from the Thorp School, have been getting manual training and football and cross-country hikes and gymnastic skill under the direction of a salaried representative of the Permanent School Extension Committee, who has been trying to make their hours out of school count for something in their development.
  • To assist in meeting the house shortage a group of prominent negroes organized "The Realty Housing and Investment Company."[132] The negro churches and other organizations cooperated in the effort to solve the problem of caring for the newly arrived negroes.
  • The Olympic Club, the Pacific Union Club on Nob Hill, the University Club, the Commonwealth, the Union League Club, the Commercial, the Transportation, the Concordia, the Argonaut, the Engineers, the Army and Navy, the Old Colony and the Press Clubs are among the other organizations with well appointed quarters.
  • Its object is "to contribute to the formation of a strong, definite, and united purpose among the forces working for the improvement of civic and social conditions in Massachusetts, by bringing together all town and village improvement societies, citizen's associations, civic clubs, and other organizations interested in this purpose."
  • No knowledge is shown of other organizations similar to Ku Klux Klan, when in fact there were several other very important ones, such as the White Brotherhood, the White League, the Pale Faces, the Constitutional Union Guards, and one, the Knights of the White Camelia,[2] that was larger than the Klan and covered a wider territory.
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