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  • We left it to our allies.
  • It was what one of our allies calls the thunderbolt.
  • Except our allies, none are in sight.
  • God bless our Allies!
  • Our Allies needed us.
  • We need no favour of you English with our allies.
  • Our Allies worn and bleeding, struggle on.
  • Bid our allies the Thebans(16) attack the Athenians.
  • This remarkable success was gained by our allies in the course of a few hours.
  • If you wish to remain our allies, you will free your slaves.
  • We, therefore, had no need to heed the desires of our allies.
  • We have also got to supply coal largely to our allies, as well as steel.
  • In our Allies we find a strong touch of resemblance to ourselves.
  • The peoples who became our Allies were gratified; the Germans mortified.

How To Use Our Allies In A Sentence?

  • Along the canal the fighting raged fiercely, our allies making some progress here and there.
  • We want peace, and he is immediately up and waging war against our allies on his own account.
  • We see now on the basis of documents how our allies aided us in the Lybian undertaking.
  • It is enshrined in glowing effulgence in the hearts of Britons and our Allies for all time.
  • It is our bounden duty, as I am sure it is our unconquerable resolve, to disillusion our Allies.
  • Association with both our allies in the western theatre has only deepened our admiration of their resolute tenacity and fighting qualities.
  • But so far their devotion has indirectly contributed in no small measure to the striking success already achieved by our allies.
  • You shall tell them that it will be to their advantage to be vassals of his Majesty, and our allies.
  • Our allies were surprised at everything they saw, particularly at the rapid movements of the fletyemings or wing-jackets of the royal navy.
  • Otherwise there would have been war over this matter, as we should never have dared to ask "our allies" to make concessions.
  • So great was the number of our allies, who ascended the terraces and other places, that it did not appear possible anything could stop us.
  • We are making good rope for the government and our allies, and no one is better pleased over it than I.
  • And our allies, at this time natural, must they not imagine, that it is better to have in us declared enemies than pretended friends?
  • And all honor be from us to the brave armies and navies of our Allies, who have exhibited such splendid courage and noble patriotism.
  • This was the first intimation that I had received about the Kaiser's discussions with our allies.
  • What a kaleidoscopic recollection of uniforms and faces we have when one asks us about our allies in North Russia.
  • Therefore, we and our allies must continue to pass our children through fire to Moloch until Moloch perish.
  • To reach it we had to pass through some of our allies Rest Lines, and it was interesting to have a peep at them and at their ways of doing things.
  • Through this organization all wheat sales are made to the Army and Navy, to our allies, and to the neutrals.
  • The result was that an engine was produced so much better than anything on the market that our allies ordered it in large quantities for their own airplanes.
  • So long as an unbroken Germany exists, so long will life on this planet be intolerable, not only for us and for our allies, but for all humanity.
  • Among the Albanian tribesmen, I am told, there is a disposition to doubt the justice of our cause and the cause of our allies.
  • We Parisians are like our allies, the Russians: we go by standards of time which differ from those of the rest of the world.
  • The rest of our enemies also begin to understand that we have no other desire than to secure the future of the monarchy and of our allies, and that we intend to enforce this and can and will enforce it.
  • Blease, our American censor who read all our letters in England to see that we did not criticise our Allies.
  • In order to prevent the artificial raising of prices through competition, these purchases are now carried out in concert with our allies through inter-ally committees.
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