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  • This is our planet.
  • The health of our planet is in question.
  • Now let us do for our planet what we did for its satellite.
  • You had thought our planet lifeless; it was an error.
  • But our planet, alas! is not as perfect as they imagine.
  • Such is the complete revolution of our planet round the orb of day.
  • The history of our planet is the history of life, with all its metamorphoses.
  • Terrestrial organic forms are due to local causes upon our planet.
  • From Saturn the visibility of our planet is even more reduced.
  • The head may be some vast, blazing world, as large as our planet.
  • Our planet is only a grain of dust floating in the immensity of Heaven.
  • It was our planet, now, and a particular portion of it in Picardy.
  • Our planet is thus a ball, slightly flattened at the poles (by about 1/292).
  • As Pyrran ambassador to a lot of places I officially invite you to our planet.
  • He is a God--the God of our planet.

How To Use Our Planet In A Sentence?

  • The learned philosophers of antiquity divined the double movement of our planet.
  • The day must have been when the first living being appeared for the first time on our planet.
  • Each country of our planet is subdivided into states, each of which has its proper name.
  • But our planet sweeps it through space at a velocity almost thirty times greater.
  • After we destroyed ourselves, they sank their infectious, hollow roots into our planet.
  • Let us see now in what manner our planet is peopled, and whence came its first inhabitants.
  • Our planet was still in its rudimental state, and therefore subject to the rule of sin and death.
  • Our planet, the future world of our habitation, slept in the bosom of the solar nebula.
  • The transformation of our planet will be traced down to the conditions of life in which we now find it.
  • What general conclusions can we reach as to this long and strange history of the progress of life on our planet?
  • And we probably are only a few years away from a storage disk capable of holding all the print media of our planet.
  • The more important thing to be noted is the relation of our planet in process of formation to the great fact called life.
  • All the calculations agree in showing us that the orb of night is 81 times less heavy than our planet.
  • The substance of the terrestrial human body is due to the elements of our planet, and notably to carbon.
  • Why should we not follow the beautiful evolution dictated by the Sun and by the movement of our planet?
  • The terrestrial organisms, from the lowest up to man, are the resultant of the forces in action at the surface of our planet.
  • Mute witness of terrestrial destinies, her nocturnal flame watches over our planet, following it in its course as a faithful satellite.
  • She was ready to say, that no habitable spot on our planet was healthier and pleasanter than London.
  • Let us only remark in passing, that our planet is the largest of the four spheres adjacent to the Sun.
  • In the first place our planet does not turn vertically nor on its side, but is tipped or inclined a certain quantity: 23 deg.
  • This revolution of the Moon around our planet produces the phases, and gives the measure of our months.
  • Thus, while the earth makes one diurnal revolution, we have continually many days in different stages of progress on our planet.
  • I show you here three diadems which, though of pure iron, sparkle with these stones, and are furnished with the signs and signatures of our planet.
  • Upheld in space by forces that will be explained at a later point, our planet glides in the open heavens round our Sun.
  • The Moon of itself possesses no intrinsic light, any more than our planet, and only shines by the light of the Sun that illuminates it.
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