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  • He must submit to our test even in order to overawe us.
  • Our test of reality is familiarity, and of truth repetition.
  • But that isn't our test--over here."

How To Use Our Test In A Sentence?

  • The telepathy expert went on: "Our test subject read it carefully, scanning rather than skimming.
  • We can readily see from this extract that we need not go back to the early part of the last century to find material for our test of this sovereign quality, a sense of humor.
  • Because plants growing around the edge might extend roots into our test plot and extract moisture, we'll make our tilled area 50 feet by 50 feet and make all our measurements in the center.
  • These two elements of character must go together in every correct inquiry in moral science; and, to a man in an opposite condition, we should no more appeal, in regard to the principles of moral truth, than we should take from the fatuous person or the maniac our test of those first principles of intellectual truth, which are allowed to be original elements of belief in every sound mind.
  • It is more than our test, it is our fate; let us take what sweet we can before it becomes all bitter."
  • You fear that she will deny her action; I have no such fear; and if she does not stand our test, I give you my word for it, you shall not be the loser.'
  • And when our test exams came out And mine were extra bad, I said, "We needn't fuss about A scrap of paper, dad."
  • It was during this period that we found someone else reading the minds of our test subjects--sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for several minutes."
  • "We put one of our test subjects in the insulated room," Dr. O'Connor said, "and connected him to the detector.
  • The Blood is the Death_, and these quotations corresponded exactly with what our test subject was reading at the time, and also corresponded with the abnormal fluctuations of the detector."
  • "If these rocket projectiles prove workable now, there's nothing to stop us from carrying on with our test of the ground receivers on Mars immediately."
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