Our Time In A Sentence

How To Use Our Time In A Sentence?

  • We two are among the supremely fortunate ones of our time.
  • Ship canals seem to be among the special works of our time.
  • We would bide our time and wait for him on making harbor.
  • Our time passed on very pleasantly till the 27th inst.
  • We waste our time in talking of him....

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Our Time | Our Time Sentence

  • When will our time be?
  • Why die before our time?
  • Thus did our time pass.
  • Now was indeed our time.
  • Now is our time to fight.
  • There were two parsons in our time.
  • We have been a famous family in our time.
  • Most of our time is spent in this duty.
  • Most of our time has been spent in the saddle.
  • We might have taken our time.
  • No doubt we both have been guilty of doing it in our time.
  • It is more than unlikely that they will recur in our time.
  • Not in our time have dawned such days as these.
  • This is the whole danger of our time.
  • Thus our time passed away.
  • We knew that our time of waiting was short.
  • Our time on earth draws to a close.
  • Is our time of growth drawing to an end?
  • Next, as to the use of our time.
  • In our time we have plenty of mechanics but no tradesmen.
  • Only that it would waste our time together.
  • Not a line would have reached our time.
  • A worse man has not lived in our time.
  • We spend our time in bowling overs.
  • Our time is coming, and yours is going.
  • At any rate, we will not be tormented before our time.
  • There must be something wrong with our time-pieces.
  • Our time needs again more the prophet and less the priest.
  • It will be slow work, but our time is our own.
  • Money is very little use to people at our time of life.
  • Wait a bit, and our time will come.
  • We must make the most of our time, then.
  • We stay at home to-day and murder our time.
  • But the day is hot, our time limited.
  • As has been said, we get our time from the stars.
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