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  • But our understanding does not penetrate so far.
  • No; they are the instruments of our understanding.
  • The naked argument does not at first recommend itself to our understanding.
  • It surpasses our understanding in the past, the present, and the future.
  • Yearly our understanding of the Alexandrian culture becomes fuller.
  • It is true that all things, including our understanding, may be improved.

How To Use Our Understanding In A Sentence?

  • Science and religion are but different approaches to our understanding of the law.
  • I think you will find that is the real substance of our understanding in this matter.
  • We should not despise as worthless what does not come within the limit of our understanding.
  • It is our understanding of this that enables us to supply morals with a positive basis.
  • But in the sense of a transcendental metaphysics, our understanding is not worthy of that name.
  • Just as our power of vision can see everything, so our understanding can grasp everything.
  • You have not only enlarged our understanding, but excited in our hearts a deep feeling of love.
  • God made religion and science to be the measure, as it were, of our understanding.
  • Our understanding, our instrument of thought, is likewise an imperfect part of the perfect being.
  • In order to make our understanding of the starting cut more explicit, we refer to Fig.
  • This is so essential to our understanding of human love, that I wish I could follow it further.
  • Our heart revolts from that dereliction and our understanding fails to comprehend the reasons for it.
  • It is this significance which makes things what they really are, and which constitutes our understanding of them.
  • That there is also but one flow of time is consistent with the plain dictates of our understanding.
  • But with our understanding of the machinery of heredity we can not see how such an effect can extend to the next generation.
  • Does it depend upon ourselves not to think a proposition absurd which our understanding shows us to be absurd?
  • Our understanding would end in something far vaguer and looser than what our observation began with.
  • And more than this, our understanding will have practical bearing on our attitude toward evil and compromise.
  • There is something that our understanding cannot entirely grasp; something that our unassisted eyes cannot see.
  • Our understanding of these indubitable facts indeed does not go further than the acknowledgment that the paths for such central connections exist.
  • To classify this field, that is the exhaustive task of our understanding, that its exhaustive definition.
  • Here is the draft of our understanding, arranged so far as is possible with three thousand versts between us.
  • Experiences of this nature will, each time they are met with, add something to our understanding of life.
  • Our life would be reduced to something very small indeed if we deliberately dismissed from it all that our understanding is unable to embrace.
  • In order to progress in our understanding of the neuroses, we need new experiences and we are about to obtain two.
  • This is beyond modern conjecture, so imperfect is our understanding of the extent of the mechanical knowledge of the ancients.
  • But it can make that a fact relatively to our mind and action which is not a fact relative to our understanding....
  • It is a wonder surpassing our understanding; it would be rashness and temerity to allow our minds to dwell too much upon it.
  • Our understanding of it is such that, with the forces of chemistry and physics as a foundation, we can readily explain the running of the machine.
  • In times of joy our strength is more vital, our intellect keener, and our understanding less clouded.
  • If so framed as to elude every attempt to test it by facts, it can never be proved by them nor add anything to our understanding of them.
  • It contains things above our reasoning powers, but nothing that might not be explained if the eyes of our understanding were not feeble and dim.
  • Our understanding must be reconnected with the very basic measure of social justice: how many people are able to participate?
  • But our understanding of progress must be disengaged from the false goal of growth, or the even more dangerous ideal of salvation.
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